Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Trump does in 24 hours what Obama could not do in Seven years - Unite Washington in a Kumbaya moment and prove the News Media and Political Parties have the same Agenda!


The agenda - To protect and to preserve the existing political establishment that controls both Parties at all costs!

There has been no more obvious a move to annihilate a single politician who challenges the status quo than the incredible reaction Donald Trump has generated from his so-called anti-Muslim position.

Within 24 hours the strangest sight in modern politics materialized -
when the Republican and Democratic party agreed
when the presidential candidates in both parties agreed
when the Obama White House agreed
when there was bi-partisan agreement in Congress
when Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton agreed
when the conservatives and liberals agreed
when the conservative and liberal media agreed

that Donald Trump was wrong to question the immigration of Muslims to America!  Not even President Obama has ever come close to Kumbaya moment Trump generated with his remarks, bringing together all those disparate and partisan forces.

Of course, much of the agreement was because the news media conveniently twisted and re-interpreted his comments to imply many things he did not say.  Such media manipulation allowed all these diverse enemies to have their wonderful Kumbaya moment of non-partisan bliss.

Well for the record and in the interest of preserving history and truth, a Kumbaya moment is nothing more than a musical metaphor for corny camaraderie, which is exactly what we got.

As a former newspaper reporter, I remember the quote, "when (where) all think alike no one thinks very much."  Walter Lippmann or Albert Einstein have been credited as the source, and even Mark Twain had quite similar quotes.

I have watched the English language get mauled, mutilated, and massacred over the years so it is not surprising even the word "Kumbaya" has been redefined over the years.  The origins are in Black folk songs, most likely from the slave era, and united people against persecution and racial discrimination.

The more traditional meaning of today is more appropriate, the sense of crony camaraderie that stunned the nation after Trump's remarks brought together THE REAL AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT!

What if all those politicians, pundits, news people, and Wall Street protectors are wrong and Trump is right?           

Better yet, let us examine what the people of America think.  First of all over half of the eligible voters refuse to participate in the political process.  For the first time in our history, less than half of the eligible voters voted in the 2014 election.

Among those who register, 43% are registered Independents, 30% are Democrats, and 26% are Republicans.  By my math, that means 43% of the voters registered today have already rejected both parties and the political establishment.

Here is the catch when it comes to knowing the public and why the polls are wrong.  With over 50% of the public refusing to vote, we cannot assume it means the majority of people do not, or cannot affect public policy trends.

Get real news media, the silent majority in America is the majority.  If half the eligible voters refuse to vote, and 42% of those registered and voting refuse to join either major party, then the total vote cast by Democrats and Republicans in 2014 was 28.1% of the eligible voters.  Even Harvard would agree that is about one quarter of eligible voters.

Alternatively, that means THREE quarters of the eligible voters feel disenfranchised from the political parties and over half do not even participate in the vote.  Of course, under our Constitution, these people still have all rights granted to Americans.

Here are the latest voting facts and the numbers from the last election.

Pythagoras Analysis of Voter reality in America

Total USA Population Today          325,332,205
Total Population under 18                 78,000,000
Total Population 18 and over           247,322,000

Total Eligible Voters 18+                  247,322,000

Total Registered Voters                    142,200,000
Percent                                                           57%

Total Voter Turnout 2014                121,757,000
Percent of Registered Voters                       85.6%
Percent of Eligible Voters                             49.2%

Total Obama Votes 2014                    62,615,406
Percent of Registered Voters                       44%
Percent of Eligible Voters                             25.3%                                                                        

Total Romney Voters 2014                 59,100,000
Percent of Registered Voters                       41.5%
Percent of Eligible Voters                             23.9%                                    

Total Eligible Voters not Voting      125,565,000
Percent of Eligible Voters                             50.8%                                                

Total Leaning Independent                          43%
Total Leaning Democrat                              30%
Total Leaning Republican                            26%

What is the Real Agenda of the new non-partisan political machine in Washington, DC?

Think about it, why did Democrats, Republicans, Presidential Candidates, The Obama White House, a non-partisan group of House and Senate members, Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton, conservatives and liberals, and the conservative and liberal media all agree?

They unite in the underlying mission of this wholly unlikely coalition, to destroy Trump as a viable candidate for president before there is a chance he might become president.

Trump is not wrong in worrying about Muslim refugees nor did he say ban members of the Muslim religion forever.  Perhaps he knows something the experts seem to have forgotten, how to tell the truth to the public.

No one can really believe all Muslims are bad any more than we can believe all Catholics, Protestants, or Jews are bad but that certainly does not mean there are not zealots among each group who decided to ignore the warnings of Jesus and become judges of other's on Earth.

Regardless of which way the winds blow Obama's policies this week, there are still radical, apocalyptic, Islamic terrorists who want to destroy us, mostly because we back Israel.  Thus, they formed a caliphate, an Islamic version of a nation, and are committed to destroy anyone who does not pledge loyalty to them or agree with them.

Since we have botched up our Middle East policy and our standing with both the Arabs and Israel during the Obama Administration, not only do the terrorists not like us.  Now they believe America is weak and lacks the will to stop ISIS ever since Obama caved in to terrorists when he declared the Red Line in Syria that became the laughing stock of Europe.

Our inept policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, and who knows where else have proven our weakness.  The result is ISIS now attacks Europe at will, and caused more deaths in a terrorist attack in the United States, than anytime since the destruction of the World Trade Center fourteen years ago.

The attack in San Bernardino included a homegrown terrorist, and one who used a flawed Visa process to gain access to America.  Both parties were radicalized several years ago and while one grew up in terrorist strongholds in the Middle East, the other not only grew up in America, he traveled to Middle East nations where he met and married his co-conspirator.

So Trump thinks we should temporarily stop immigrants from those Middle East nations where ISIS has a significant presence, and stop Syrian refugees temporarily while we review the mistakes and flaws in our immigration process, which clearly failed, and fix it.

God what an un-American idea, to stop making mistakes and take time to re-evaluate what we are doing, and then fix the problems.  Most policies need periodic review because of changes in technology, finances, even culture.

The Silent Majority have found a vehicle for expression not available before, Donald Trump.  They also have become far more obvious in their expectations because of the flawed voting registration and political party abuses.  Just look at the collapsing favorable ratings for the president and congress.

Same, is true for the news media, people no longer trust them.

This current Kumbaya moment of all those disparate characters might be another in their long list of misreading the silent majority.

Perhaps the Silent Majority knows everyone wants to destroy Trump's candidacy, not because of the refugee statement, but because there is a far more sinister motive.  Trump's independence from the establishment, the political, party, Wall Street, and News Media establishment that really does control all that happens in America.

The very conspiracies that drove them to seek out Trump, showed the people no longer are controlled by the establishment.  The American public is far smarter than politicians, the media, the bankers, the drug companies, and the media believe.

People are suspicious when the most powerful special interests in America unite to destroy a person exercising his right to run for president, and his right to free speech when he is running.  Make no mistake the uniting of the most privileged special of special interests is for the malicious purpose of destroying Trump so he no longer can bring together the Silent Majority.

Have the politicians and abusers not learned what Lincoln knew, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time."

People should ask why the unholy alliance of special interests is afraid of Trump.  Is it because he is not one of them?  Is it because he is not afraid of them?  Why is it so important to get rid of him now!


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