Friday, December 04, 2015

Terrorism back in America after 14 year absence - Tragedy in San Bernardino - 14 dead, 21 injured


Not since the World Trade Center disaster September 11, 2001 has the war on terrorism been in evidence here in America.  That all changed in San Bernardino, California this week when fourteen were murdered and twenty-one injured.

Armed to the teeth with assault rifles, hand guns, and pipe bombs, a home grown radicalized Islamic terrorist and his Pakistani wife invaded a Christmas party and left the horrendous carnage of bodies and blood.

Three hours later, when they were most likely returning to their bomb factory for more ammunition, they were spotted and after a short police chase a gun battle ensued and nearly 500 bullet blasts later the two terrorists were dead while just two cops were injured.

The chance encounter at the bomb factory most likely save many, many more lives as a dozen pipe bombs and thousands of more rounds of ammunition remained in the factory.

As of this morning, two days after the slaughter, our president still refuses to call it a terror attack saying it might be a terror attack or it might be a work place dispute.

Of course all evidence points to terrorism since the couple had to spend months preparing the arsenal and making the pipe bombs.  Also, his so called dispute at the Christmas party which is yet to be confirmed took place a couple of hours after he and his wife dropped off their six year old daughter with her grandmother.

In addition, she was from Pakistan, they met in Saudi Arabia, he traveled to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, she was on a green card, and they met through the Internet.

Need I remind the readers all the major participants in the World Trade Center disaster were from Saudi Arabia.

At first Obama, Hillary Clinton and the liberal media ignored the terrorist angle and called for more gun control and restrictions to prevent such disasters.  California has the toughest gun control laws in America and has banned assault rifles but the guns used in the attack were still legal.

After day one Hillary started moving apart from Obama by saying it might be terrorist related.  No one in the media is mentioning the fact the terrorism is directly related to the failed policy of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy.

As usual, the many law enforcement agencies and personnel performed heroically risking their lives to help the victims and end the attack.

If only the politicians (Obama, Clinton and fellow Democrats and liberals) could do the same and declare war on Apocalyptic Islamic terrorists maybe we could begin to rid the Earth of this evil threat.

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