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Obamaville 10/8 - POW! WHAM! KA POW! SPLAT! Are you kidding Me? The People Seem to be Winning! Down with the Establishment!!!



Oh man, this is far better than the old Batman TV shows I used to watch.  Here is how you can sum up the race to be the next president of the USA, LET THE INSTITUTIONS FALL!!! 

In about four months, the results of the Iowa Primary Caucasus are the first test of the People's Will in controlling their destiny.  Can the People Take Back America and restore the former Glory of the good old US of A?

Presidential Candidates

The Silent Majority of both political parties have stunned so-called political pundits by propelling the underdogs to the overdogs position as the first sign of the collapse of the Institution called politics.

The result is startling.

The Race for Nomination by the Democrats

The Queen of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, who has been in politics since birth and is the epitome of "politics as usual" has watched in horror as her favorability rating literally shattered the glass floor as it dropped toward oblivion.

Poor Hillary is so bad off she had to unleash the Big Dog of presidential politics, hubby Bill, a sure sign of campaign desperation, far ahead of schedule since the election is still over a year away.

Is it just me, or do you also find it rather ironic she sent Bill Clinton to win back the female vote that is deserting her at an astonishing pace.  Hillary must know best after all her experience with Bill.

Thus, Hillary was anointed the ONE in the Democratic Party to shatter the glass ceiling of no woman ever being president.  Her campaign began in earnest a long time ago with her about a thousand points ahead of her nearest rival.

Ever since, due to being over-managed and isolated from the News Media, she watched her favorability rating flame out.  But lo and behold, and defying all odds of political reality, there is an old socialist who is not even a Democrat, he has so little regard for the Institutions, and he keeps getting bigger and bigger all the time in her rear view mirror.

Hillary slipped into the position of representing the dreaded Democrat Establishment, the Potomac Politicians who think everyone in America is stupid.  Only those on the Council of Foreign Relations, who embrace abortion, and are in bed with Wall Street and Big Pharma, deserve to be a Blue Hearted Democrat.

Of course that did not sit well with those of the far left, make that far, far left.  When Hillary tried to sell herself as a reincarnated far left liberal, the image smacked of deception.  Called out by genuine true left spokespeople like Elizabeth Warren, the rising star from Massachusetts, and Bernie Sanders, the long-standing Vermont Voice in the Wilderness for the real Progressives, she had mishandled the challenge.

Now not only do people not trust her, she has slipped behind in the polls to the man who hopes to become the oldest person ever elected president.  Bernie could become the first president from the hippie era who actually represents hippies and advocates socialism.

What is stranger is that the youngest generation, the millennial 18-35 years old, also love Bernie.  It might have something to do with the popular movie Weekend at Bernies, featuring an old dead guy being pushed around in a wheelchair all weekend by his young guests.  Who knows what motivates the young.  Well, you get the picture.

Never mind that most socialists in America wound up in jail, not in the presidency.  True to form for progressive progressives, Bernie does not need to explain how to pay for the trillions of dollars in wonderful, popular, and budget busting promises he made, but then neither did Barack Obama.

The result of all this nonsense is clear, the Democrats are a single candidate force, either Hillary, the prohibitive favorite in spite of collapsing polls, or the oldest dude to covet the presidency who is neither a Democrat, nor a capitalist, Bernie Sanders.

The Race for Nomination by the Republicans

While Hillary has been the favorite for the Democrats since Obama was re-elected in 2012, the GOP is quite the opposite.  The closest the GOP had to a favorite was Jeb Bush, whose brother and father were presidents.

In fact, George Senior lost his second term to an unknown named Bill Clinton because of a rebellion against the Republican establishment by populist Ross Perot.  Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, for Jeb, he is the political Establishment.  As a result, instead of leading in the polls all year, Jeb started at his peak and has been slipping ever since.

Nowhere has the people's rebellion against the establishment and status quo been more obvious than in the GOP contest.  As many as seventeen candidates were running at the same time, and some of the best and brightest young Republicans were in the race.

Then along came Donald Trump who quickly trumped the news media, the political pundits, even the political establishment.  To a person they labeled Trump an "entertainer" with no chance to become a viable candidate.

Described by Iowa focus group participants as conceited, conniving, and competent, or words to that effect, Trump jumped into the race with both feet racing and his mouth at warp speed.  He quickly established himself as the Patrick Henry of the modern revolution against the politic establishment.

His campaign took off like a rocket bullying its way to the top of the polls.  Ever since he began his detractors, Democrat and Republican, along with the political pundits and news media, have been predicting a variety of reasons why he will not survive.  Among them his pending collapse, his loss of interest, his forthcoming drop in the polls, his inexperience in government, blah, blah, blah.  In every instant, they are dead wrong.

Trump has changed the rules of modern campaigning.  As the consummate outsider, a successful real estate and gambling tycoon, and free speaking conversational business man, he defines what is wrong with America to allow someone like Trump to belong to the elite 1% of the population that controls most of America's wealth.

When Trump is attacked by a cynical liberal reporter Trump counter-attacks normally leaving the journalist dazed.  The same is true when opponents attack Trump in the course of the campaign, you better be ready to hold on.  He has a great advantage and not just that he has no political baggage, he believes "political correctness" is senseless.

For a non-politician Trump sure can outflank the politicians and stand alone as the only true protector of the middle class.  He stole it from Hillary since no one believes she is sincere.  If you add the poll numbers for Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina, the three outsider GOP candidates, they represent over 50% of the electorate.

Most recently, Carly has been getting all the attention with her 14 point surge in the polls, the most in either party race.  She dominated the debates, has by far the best TV and viral commercials, is policy wise and politically savvy.  Carly is no longer a dark horse but a potential winner.

What an exciting political campaign it could be, if Hillary and Carly won their party nominations and squared off in the general election.  With women on both tickets, America would not only shatter the glass ceiling on women presidents, it would pulverize it.  They are clearly the most knowledgeable candidates in the fields.

Just behind the three outsiders Marco Rubio trails, with the preseason favorite Jeb Bush squandering in the middle of the pack.  Of course, it is early, and even the Donald seems to be stuck in the 25-33% range.

Speaker of the House

Just when we think the political situation is stabilizing and the world may survive, it reminds us of the seven years of foreign ineptness by the Obama Administration as the Middle East, specifically Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen among others, are all disasters.

Our strategy failed, our plans and policy is non-existent, we failed to see the refugee crisis we would trigger, and our traditional allies are skeptical.  When it comes to our adversaries, like Obama archenemy Vladimir Putin among others, they are embarrassing us daily.

So the Pope comes to town, addresses a Joint Session of Congress, and the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, resigns as speaker and congressman stunning the world.  He says he decided after talking to the Pope.  The radical Republican right is joyful.

About a week later, the leading candidate to replace Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, also withdraws minutes before the first ballot to elect him.  Again, the media and politicians are stunned.  All is still well with the people who could care less about the persistent politics on capitol hill.

Stay tuned folks the chaos is bound to get even better in days and weeks to come.

Now if only the Chicago Cubs could win their first World Series in 107 years and break the longest championship drought in history.

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