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Saviors of the 20th Century 1 - Hitler and Stalin - The War of Annihilation between the Nazis and Communists

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Saviors of the 20th Century - Hitler and Stalin - The War of Annihilation Between the Nazis and Communists, a historical narrative by Jim Putnam about the history of Nazism and Communism and the rise to power of Hitler and Stalin. This book unveils many secrets of the Nazis and Communists long hidden in classified records and secret KGB archives in the frontier outside Moscow.

The author worked with recently declassified materials as well as contacts in various American, British, French and Soviet intelligence agencies in writing this book. His pursuit of information included being the first American to visit a secret Stalin archive located on a missile base in the Russia frontier where the Hitler SS film archives, missing since the fall of Berlin in 1945, were discovered.

Historical accounts of events of the 20th century through World War II are ambiguous on some issues and often guilty of errors of omission. Sometimes truth is rather elusive. Unfortunately this book uncovered so many areas of missing or erroneous history that it is easy to be overwhelmed by information.

In the end history did not change although many of the stories of history we were taught certainly did change. Millions of people died, far more than we were ever led to believe, although they might not have been the people you expected.

Hitler was a man with a mission, a mission inspired by supernatural visions when he was young. Nothing was going to stand in the way of rebuilding the German Reich, restoring the German Empire, and fulfilling his rightful place in history.

Was Hitler the founder, philosopher, architect or soul of the dreaded Nazi worldview? Or was he a mouthpiece for a much more sinister force? Did he practice the black arts or was he a victim of the practitioners? Why did Hitler and the Nazis hate the Jews?

What about the equally enigmatic Stalin remembered as the Man of Steel behind the Iron Curtain and the ruthless ruler of Communism? An ally of the USA in World War II, yet the leader of our most powerful enemy of the 20th century?

This former ally, bankrolled by the USA, was responsible for building an “empire of evil” according to President Ronald Reagan. Stalin’s Communism murdered sixty-two million citizens of the Soviet bloc. Because of him many think the Cold War brought the world to the brink of extinction.

What was his role in the founding and development of the Soviet Union? How does his place in Communist history fit with Marx, Lenin and Trotsky? How did the seemingly humanistic Communist philosophy of Karl Marx evolve to become the foundation of atheist revolution throughout the world and throughout the century?

What were the Jews doing in Europe and Russia that caused so much hatred at the turn of the 20th century? What was the true relationship between Jews and Communism? What roles did the Jews play in the formation of Communism and Nazism, or the nations of the Soviet Union and Germany?

In 1939 the world was stunned to learn a secret Non-Aggression pact had been signed between Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, the leaders of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The world has no idea how close it came to being consumed by the greatest killing machine ever created. If they had honored the treaty, no force on Earth could have stopped them.

Hitler and Stalin stayed one step ahead of the best minds and most powerful nations of the world for nearly half of the century. It was almost as if some supernatural force guided them to fulfill a mysterious destiny. As you will read in the chapters of this book, there seems to be no logical explanation for how these two men came to power and were able to achieve what they accomplished.

After five years of World War II and the most senseless slaughter of people in world history, Hitler was dead, Nazi Germany was destroyed, and the Soviet Union was mortally wounded. The Soviets suffered twenty-six million deaths at the hands of Hitler, ten million more were missing, and nearly 80% of the Soviet war machine was destroyed by the Nazis. Yet it still took fifty more years for the rest of the world to finally close the chapter on Stalin’s Communist machine.

The Fallacy of History

History is someone’s opinion or bias of something that happened. Whether that position is based on fact is quite another thing. But even historical fact falls far short of telling the truth. Many “facts” provided are nothing more than misinformation given to support the historian’s position. Mere facts do not allow us to get inside the minds of the madmen like Hitler or Stalin.

When Roosevelt was first elected President and took office in March 1933 one of his first steps was to re-establish relations with the Communist Soviet Union. He summoned the Soviet Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov, one of the many Jewish members of Stalin’s leadership, and negotiations began to establish diplomatic relations, which were completed in November 1933. Yet millions of Soviet citizens had already been murdered at the hands of the new Soviet government. Why did the President ignore such dreadful truth and embrace the fledgling Communist government?

Was it because of a much deeper fear of the rise of Hitler and Nazism? Yet if Roosevelt was so concerned with the activities of Hitler and the Nazis that he sought out Stalin as an ally, why did Franklin Roosevelt avoid war with Hitler for so long? The Nazi war machine was murdering millions of people yet the USA just stood by. Was it Roosevelt’s fear of Hitler or fear of Stalin that kept us on the sidelines? Why did Roosevelt finally join forces with Stalin?

These questions and many more are answered in this quest for truth that reached into the walls of secret KGB archives built by Stalin on a military base in the frontier far from Moscow, to newly declassified materials around the world, to numerous international intelligence sources, and from former members of the inner circle of Stalin and Hitler.

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