Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Oh the Games People Play Now


Every night and every day now
Never meaning what they say now
Never saying what they mean now

Now in order to understand the degree we the people are being played by those we have entrusted with our future, we must first understand the real players playing those games.  You see, our system of capitalism includes a host of what I call the Fallen Angels of the universe.  They had to have somewhere to go when they screwed up eons ago.

They come in many sizes, shapes and disguises and are embedded in institutions we rely on for money management, legal advice, federal and state government services, news sources, media outlets, communication managers, advertising agencies, medical help, government regulators, non-profit organizations, banks and brokers, a whole lot of people who think they know what is best for you.

Those groups all represent multi-billion or trillion dollar industries whose greed is dependent upon your pocketbook participation and whose methods long ago made deception palatable to us unsuspecting suckers.  In truth you-we are all the victims of brainwashing, eaves dropping, mental manipulation, psychological molding, egotistical inflation, spiritual distortion and a host of other means that have made us Americans the richest people in human history with the least to show for our wealth since, well, our fore fathers who occupied and then destroyed the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

Today I intend to expose the underbelly of the beast so we can at least identify some of the puppet masters pulling your strings.  My hope is that you will then question these institutions and the role they have played in your lives.

If we wake up it may still be possible to save humanity from yet another round of self-destruction.  If we don't, then the prophecies of the Bible, the Holy Mother Mary, Nostradamus, Cayce, the Hopi Original Americans and others will come true and that may not be so pretty.

Before you decide that I am some Dooms Day prophet or conspiracy advocate let me make a couple of things clear.

First, I am no more of a conspiracy advocate than those who believe;

the Bible of Christianity,
the Hanged Stones or Koran of Islam,
the Talmud, Kabbalah, Midrash or Zohar of the Hebrews,
the Tao-Teh King of China,
the Kojiki of Japan,
the Palermo Stone, The Pyramid Texts, Inscription of Unus, Tales of the Magicians, Precepts of Ptah-Hotep, Coffin Texts, Budge's Book of the Dead (Ani), Prayers of Ikhn-aton, The Book of the Breaths of Life of ancient Egypt,
the Gathas,  Shah-Nameh,  Khayyam's Rubaiyat to the Yussuf and Zuleika of Jami of Persia,

and all the other so called religious and spiritual texts of the metaphysical world including the world of magic, Druids, witches and wizards.

One thing the long history of man has produced in this life cycle is a wealth of colorful, fantastic, forbidding, and terrifying stories to explain our foundation and reason for being and if truth is found in all those sacred texts then truth can be found in the wonders of Greek mythology, the adventures of King Arthur and Merlin, and fairy tales of all lands.

My point is this, only a fool would claim to know the true truth of God but we are all free to speculate and endorse whichever of these truth we so choose, provided we respect the right of others to select their own truths.

Second, we must be open to a higher truth than mankind has so far discovered and this point extends to definitions, laws and all the other techniques mankind has used to force conformity of all people to some arbitrary standard.  I did not say to reject what is but just to be open to what isn't known.

The Secret Domicile of the Fallen Angels

If I were God and watched as a bunch of Angels were seduced by the temptations of the human existence which they could never be part of, the last place I would ever exile them to would be the scene of the crime, Earth.  But God did exile them to Earth according to the Bible so there must have been some higher purpose in the exile than mere punishment.

Perhaps they were not punished at all but the whole Fallen Angel story was intended to mask the fact they were sent here to play roles not associated with the "Goodness of God" or the purpose of angels.

Maybe the Fallen Angels were sent here to make sure we are prepared to get back into Heaven.  More like Drill Sergeants than bad guys.  Think of them as the intelligence agents for God, the celestial oxymoron.

Yet they can also be bad, at least in terms of eternal salvation.  In many cases they are the agents of evil, the soul snatchers or even the soul less so committed to their path there is no element of justice, grace or empathy in their countenance.

You will find them penetrating every single one of the institutions or organizations I outlined above and the most astonishing thing of all is they actually believe they are doing good though they could care less how many people are hurt in the process.

Within the bowels of every institution are these fallen angels who live to destroy the spirit and sabotage the soul of every one they encounter through their callous actions that are intended to break - not heal, to control - not help, and to tear down - not build.

Our major financial institutions are riddled with such fallen angels dedicated to using any means necessary, legal or otherwise, to make certain the profits from the engine of our capitalist system serves a select few at the expense of the vast majority.

They control all stock markets, all high speed computer manipulation of the markets and they create wave after wave of illegal stock and investment packages to bilk the consumer with the promise of quick profits.

These parasites make sure you, the public, will never have access to new stock issues and they know what your pension fund is doing before it has been done, then use computer buying to undercut your dwindling assets while profiting from your losses.  Often they are the same ones managing your money while milking the markets for every cent of profit.

Long ago they discarded ethics as a viable concept and instead rated it a nuisance.  They buy and sell politicians to protect their tax breaks and hoodwink the federal regulatory agencies from the SEC to FDA to the U.S. Attorney's Office into pitiful fines for gross wrongdoing.

So complete is their control that the thousands of banking and home mortgage executives involved in bringing about the greatest economic crash of our nation since the great depression virtually all escaped jail, even when their firms paid fines which amounted to a small fraction of the damage they did.

As if that was not enough they had the Treasury Department, SEC, IRS and many other federal agencies agreeing to allow them to pay fines without admitting guilt, thus allowing them to write off the expenses for the legal fees and fines against the corporation from their tax liabilities, often amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions on occasion.

And then they had the audacity to pay themselves tens of millions of dollars in bonuses for minimizing the damage to the corporations for the crimes they committed, paid fines for, but didn't admit to doing thanks to government loopholes that still remain in place under Obama.

Sound confusing?  Try this simplification.  If you stole $100 from the collection box at church and got caught after you spent the money here is what would happen to you.  You would agree to pay back about .01 cent for every dollar you stole.  You would not agree you were guilty.  The few cents you paid in fines plus your legal fees would be deducted from your taxes next year.  And you would give yourself a bonus, maybe $20 of the $100 you stole for getting away with the crime.

Anyone who thinks crime doesn't pay, at least white collar crime in the ivory towers of our revered and hallowed business suites and board rooms around the nation, is on the take, or insane.  But you don't have to be.

Stay tuned for more details on The Games People Play at your expense.

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