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7 Days until 97th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima - Ukraine Burns


Would you believe that 97 years ago, May 13, 1917, Our Lady made the first of 6 straight monthly appearances to warn the world of the dangers of Communism and telling us how it could be voided.

Of course most of us, like the people long ago in Portugal, refused to believe that the Mother of Jesus would come back, and that she would appear to poor village children, with such a momentous message.

In fact the people did everything they could to keep the truth from being known including holding the children at a jail one month so they would not be present.  You see, in spite of the efforts of the authorities to keep people from the truth word of mouth was more powerful than government censorship.

In the end she promised a miracle visible to all who would attend and on October 13, 1917 she delivered.  After raining all night before and raining when nearly 70,000 people showed up the 13th, The Lady had the Sun appear through the clouds and then come spiraling toward the earth and the crowd.

Personal accounts from the crowd indicated they thought it was the end of the world but suddenly the Sun stopped it's mad descent and returned to a clear sky.  When the people realized they were not going to die they looked around and discovered their drenched clothes were dry as well as the entire formerly rain soaked countryside.

There were no more unbelievers although some refused to allow themselves to attribute the events to a miracle.  What a shame to have been saturated with the Grace of God and to reject it but alas, such is human nature.  Too many of us have forgotten how to believe.

Still, the Pope and Bishops refused to do the little things she asked of them, to have every Bishop in the world consecrate Russia and to encourage the people to say the rosary every day.  It seems such a small price to pay for world peace and it cost not a cent to do it.

Just 5 weeks after the miracle the Bolsheviks started the November Revolution that murdered the Czar and his family and brought the rein of Hell to Russia in the form of Communism and the Soviet Union.

It would be 75 years before Communism would be stopped, the evil empire brought to an end, and the greatest killing machine in world history shut down.  The legacy of Lenin and Stalin left over 62 million people dead and more than half of the poor souls were the very citizens of Russia, demonstrating unequivocally the depth evil had penetrated this mad movement.

The Soviet Union with it's rabid atheism by design set out to destroy God and in the end the Soviet Union lost.  Yet the constant warnings over the nearly century since she appeared of the Holy Mother to fulfill her requests to consecrate Russia and encourage people to say the rosary continued to fall on deaf ears.

For more on the prophecy see this link to an earlier story.

For those into the Kabala try this for irony.

Jesus died in the year 33 AD at 33 years old after preaching for 3 years.  There were 3 people directly involve in killing Jesus.

The 3 major players in the death of Jesus were Caiaphas, head of the Jewish Sanhedrin, the powerful court of justice in Judaism that legislated for the souls and bodies of men and the only court able to rule on religious matters.

Mary showed Sister Lucia this vision
Second was Pontius Pilate who was the fifth prefect of the Roman province of Judea during the trial of Jesus and served under Roman Emperor Tiberius.  Also known as Governor of Judea, Pilate is best remembered as the judge at the trial of Jesus charged with carrying out the wishes of the Jewish Sanhedrin.

The third major player was Herod of Antipas, son of Herod the great, the most evil of the kings of the Holy Land.  Herod Antipas was ruler of Galilee and Perea which he ruled as client states of the Roman Empire.

All 3 served during the reign and at the pleasure of Roman Emperor Tiberius.  Just 3 years after the death of Jesus at 33 AD and during the next 3 years all 3 plus Tiberius would die.  And about 37 years after the death of Jesus the City of Jerusalem was attacked by the Romans and after 3 years the City and the Second Temple of Solomon were destroyed with over 1 million Jews killed.

By the way, the Fatima anniversary in 7 days is just 3 years from the 100th year since Our Lady came to warn us.

Today the Ukraine people are at the mercy of Russian forces as the world stands by one again and does nothing.  Don't we ever hear the warnings?

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