Friday, January 20, 2012

South Carolina Primary - Gingrich & Palin versus ABC & CNN

Winners and Losers

Well the final days of the South Carolina primary have been everything we can expect from a state that started the American Civil War.  There was so much smoke blowing over Fort Sumter in Charleston yesterday it may take weeks for the politicians and media to emerge from the fog.

There are times you have got to love the rough and tumble world of democracy American style and there are times you have got to love the Constitutional freedoms America has protected that leave the rest of the world in shock.

If you want a show come to America and watch the elections because there is not a country on Earth that does it like America.  Now, if you listen to the Main Street or Lame Street media reports you would draw two conclusions.  First the Republicans are self-destructing and second that Obama is going to be anointed to a second term.

Fortunately, the American people long ago knew better than to believe the media as long before politicians hit the bottom of the list of least respected occupations the media were right at the bottom, next to lawyers.

There is a reason no more than five million out of 310 million people watch a network news show every night.  There is a reason newspapers are dying, while network and cable television news continue to decline in viewers every year.

People don't trust the media any more than they trust politicians.  That may very well be the saving grace for our nation.

The media would have you believe the Republicans are destroying each other in South Carolina and there is no chance they can recover in the general election.  Did they forget that just four short years ago the same thing was happening to the Democrats?

In 2008 Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were brutally fighting it out in South Carolina as Obama accused former President Bill Clinton of fanning the flames of racism to win over votes for his wife.  Did the media today forget how nasty the 2008 Democratic show had been?

Well Obama did win the primary but he did not become the consensus leader until June 3, 2008, and Hillary did not withdraw until June 7.  That is over four months from now yet the media acts as if this Republican primary campaign should be over.  Nonsense!  It will be over when the people, not the media, decide.

So ABC News, along with the Washington Post, tries to trash the Romney and then Gingrich campaigns in the final days before the primary with much hyped exposés and CNN jumps on the band wagon when two days before the primary John King, CNN moderator, opened the last presidential debate by asking Gingrich if he told his ex-wife in 1999 that he wanted an "open" marriage so he could continue an affair.

When ABC and CNN take the lead and are blindly followed by most of the lame street media in allowing such babble to dominate the presidential campaign coverage there is a serious disconnect with reality.

Gingrich, being the gregarious opportunist that he is, promptly blasted the CNN host, the national media, and the liberal universe drawing two standing ovations before the debate had hardly begun.   It was a performance equal to anything the legendary populist Huey Long of Louisiana (Democrat) achieved on the national political stage 75 years ago.

Like him or not old Newt fanned the flames and rallied the people against the media and in the process, the media obsession with protecting President Obama may have backfired.  Just two days before the debate Sarah Palin came out of mothballs to help save Newt from the "elite" media with a "kind of" endorsement Sarah Palin style.

Just when the liberals were certain Palin had been blasted into oblivion by three years of media massacre of her and her reputation, Sarah comes to Newt's defense.  It is very likely when the dust settles after this primary Gingrich will turn around his imminent collapse according to the media and win the primary, and the liberal media will have awakened the Momma Bear of Alaska.

There you have it, the winners and losers, and the primary is not until tomorrow.  South Carolina gave us Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton tossing charges of racism four years ago.  Now they have given us an energized Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin.  It could be an interesting year.

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