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Lyme Disease - the Secret Pandemic Sweeping America


Lyme Disease - the Secret Pandemic Sweeping America

Part 7 - The Final Chapter

It has now been 2 years since I began my personal journey with Lyme Disease and 20 months since I wrote the first of the "Lyme Disease - the Secret Pandemic Sweeping America" series in the Coltons Point Times.

Many people including friends strongly opposed my commitment to seeking out a natural cure for a disease the medical community virtually ignores, a disease that is sweeping the sleeping nation.

The path was far more difficult and painful than I expected in that the practitioners in the various alternative medicine disciplines knew little more than the traditional medical people about the disease, yet they were far advanced in testing potential treatments and cures.

Here in America the entire drug approval system and federal regulation favors the pharmaceutical giants to the extent of making it nearly impossible to get US approval for new drugs including natural compounds from small business or health practitioners.

So here was my personal case history.  Lyme Disease markers were found in my system 24 months ago.  By June of 2010 I was unable to function physically with numb hands and arms, aching joints, and an inability to balance when I tried to walk.  In October and November of 2010 over 100 gallons of propane leaked into my house from the propane tank just outside the kitchen window.  It killed my 240 pound Irish Wolfhound and nearly killed me.

I did not discover the propane leak until late December.

By November my only treatment for Lyme was natural and required 15,000 mg of vitamin C and 15,000 mg of salt every day.  My nutritionist, Michael Guidry of Alexandria, Virginia, was guiding me through a series of natural treatments and procedures that seemed to be having a positive effect.

At the same time I was going to my Chinese doctor, Dr. Shi-hua Wu in Chinatown, Washington, D.C., who provided a custom herbal tea (24 different herbs) and acupuncture.  Dr. Wu is a well known teacher and master of Eastern Chinese medicine, he is a master herbologist, and has performed acupuncture for 55 years since leaving China.

My sudden turn for the worse, unbeknownst to me, was the propane poisoning.

My brothers from Kentucky, sensing I was far sicker than I admitted, came to Maryland and literally carried me to the SUV for a mad dash to Lexington, Kentucky.  There waited Dr, Debbie Alsheimer, a practitioner of functional health.  I had no clue what that meant.  Yet in my condition and pain anything would have been better.

She used a combination of bio-feedback, identifying nutritional deficiencies, physical therapy and exercises, and plain old intuition to give me a program to attack the many treacherous tentacles of Lyme.

Because of my inability to exercise, let alone even walk, I found out that between January of 2011 and October of 2011 I also pinched five nerves in my neck to shoulder region, nerves that controlled things like the blood and oxygen flow to the brain and caused false readings from my sensory preceptors.  Doesn't that sound academic?

It means my senses went haywire.  When my hands touched something hot it felt frigid.  Large areas of my torso would suddenly become hot, or cold, for no reason.  I could pick up a scalding hot pan on the stove and not feel the heat.

By October of 2011, on another of my trips to Kentucky for treatment and analysis, a chiropractor who specializes in nerves, Dr. Mark Miller, found the five pinched nerves and started releasing them.  This will take a few months but I am well on the way to full recovery.

Today, after recent blood tests and physical exams by western doctors, I am free of any Lyme, there is no permanent nerve damage, no traces of the gas poisoning are left in my blood, and a program of traction, physical exercise, very limited dietary supplement and will power has me well on the way to full recovery.

Through it all I remained true to my goal of seeking only a natural cure for the disease.

Why me?  I mean why should I get well when millions of people are painfully and often permanently suffering from the little understood Lyme Disease pandemic that is sweeping our nation?

I can't say but this much I know.  What I have learned from the hundreds or maybe thousands of readers of my stories is that people need to know there is hope and there is help to conquer the disease.

So many people emailed me after reading the story telling me of the tragedy of the treatments and lack of results they achieved in their own battles against Lyme.  Even when a massive dose of antibodies did finally overcome the bacteria of Lyme we are yet to know the consequences of such a massive jolt on our immune system.

Over the years many forms of treatment actually wind up hurting us like how antibodies destroy our immune system, how chemotherapy treatment will destroy your organs and the long term consequences of massive radiation from cat scans,  MRI and excessive x rays.

I had a team throughout it all consisting of Michael Guidry, a nutritionist from Alexandria, Virginia; Dr. Shi-hua Wu, Eastern (Chinese) doctor, herbologist and acupuncturist from Chinatown, Washington, D.C.; Dr. Debbie Alsheimer, a functional health expert from Lexington, Kentucky; and Dr. Mark Miller, a chiropractor who knows nerves from Winchester, Kentucky, just outside Lexington.

On the mystical side I had LaKotahasie Frazier, a powerful Native Medicine Woman, healer and teacher, we call her Lakota.  Her Indian name is Buffalo Woman Comes Running and Lakota is of Abanaki, French and Lakotah descent.

I have long been a believer in Eastern Chinese medicine and Native medicine and prayers as a result of my friendship with the Hopi Indians of Arizona.  Medicine Wheels, sweat lodges and other Native ceremonies, like the Chinese practices, have been used for thousands of years to heal.

Of course there were others not of this dimension like Jesus and the Holy Mother Mary, endless sources of hope through faith and prayer.  Never underestimate the power of faith and prayer in life and healing.

In addition to the aforementioned there was one other thing unusual about my quest.  It was the use of an ancient Chinese herb used for thousands of years to heal.  Recently it was discovered this natural compound could do what the federal health authorities acknowledge has never been achieved in Western Medicine, provide a mechanism that results in the destruction of drug resistant cells in people.

Information from the company behind this natural compound will be released in the immediate future and a way for all Lyme victims to get immediate access to this compound through a clinical trial will be announced.

Ironically, virtually all those members of my team and the natural treatments and herbs they used to heal me ARE NOT ALLOWED OR COVERED under conventional health insurance programs or Medicare in the USA although they are allowed in the rest of the world.

If our politicians are serious about health care reform they will allow such time tested practices and herbs and redirect our health care system to heal the body, not just treat an illness or injury.

If you know anyone suffering from Lyme Disease please let them know about this series of stories and that an announcement is imminent about a natural way to overcome the disease with no harmful side effects.  Many suffer, a number have died, and we are all living in a sea of confusion about Lyme.  I hope I have helped people get through the maze and I want people to know there is real hope.

As Harry Chapin immortalized in words through the magic of music, we are all just travelers on the road to Kingdom Come.  We need not be victims as well.

Finally, I have created a blog containing the complete Lyme Disease series of seven articles I wrote so you can read them in one place. The link is /

and please share this link with anyone who might benefit from the series.

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