Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Really Believes We Are Stupid

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House and the person most responsible for the passage of legislation in our nation's capitol has continued her leadership mission of destroying the effectiveness of Congress with passage of the House Energy bill which is as stupid as stupid gets.

Of course Pelosi is also the one that promised to change history in her first 100 days as the most powerful person in Congress. That was over 500 days ago. We are still waiting for the first action to change history and in the meantime the approval rating of Congress has deservedly sunk to its lowest point in history, just 9% of Americans approve the job they are doing. It should be the job they are not doing.

Now her Obama energy bill promised the world we would be energy independent but as with everything Pelosi does you better read the fine print. She allowed off shore drilling for oil but only beyond 50 miles knowing full well that the vast majority of oil reserves are between 3 and 50 miles.

She also required approval by the state for the drilling but did not share any of the oil revenue with the state. So why in the world would they approve anything? It was a joke, it passed on a party line vote, and her own Democratic leadership in the Senate already declared it dead. And wasn't that the purpose all along?

If we are ever going to be energy independent we must first drill a big hole and drop in Pelosi and the Democratic leadership but then we would be sued for toxic poisoning by Democratic class action lawyers hired by the DNC to cover up the broken promises buried with the Democratic leadership.

Or maybe we should just vote them all out of office.

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