Thursday, September 11, 2008

Letters to the Editor on Biased Media

We love getting comments on the stories and the latest comment concerns media bias asking why we don't point out the right wing media bias like we point out the left wing bias. A good question as media bias is media bias no matter which way the pendulum swings.

However, in the past two years we have pointed out many instances of right wing media abuse against Barack Obama showing that true journalism in America is a lot closer to being dead than we might think. Truth is even the left wing media took many unfair shots at Obama in their frenzy to get Hillary elected.

With the era of the blogger regular news organizations have insulated themselves from responsibility for many stories that would never meet the test for objective journalism. They do this by using blogs to front for them by running unsubstantiated stories, rumors and outright lies.

That said, I would like to ask readers to help me compile a more complete list of biased media from both the right and left fringe, sites that are prone to publishing without validation and whose agenda is not reporting news but promoting their beliefs.

In earlier stories I have identified the following as some of the right wing media, FAUX, or Fox News Network, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Hannity. Other shows include Fox and Friends.

Left wing media includes NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Olbermann, Matthews, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR sometimes and Time Magazine among others. Since the media is dominated by the left wing there will naturally be more. However, I do not waste time with biased blogs as there are hundreds for each side and to mention them is to not really serve the public interest.

I am asking you to send me your additions to the list of purveyors of false truth so we can keep a running record of who not to trust in our nation's media. Actually, you can trust them to sell their own agenda and if you believe their agenda that is your right as an American but these groups hardly qualify as objective media and people need to know it.

Let me know who you would add to the list.

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Anonymous said...

The whole media mess is hypocrisy. The same people that would never let government control their media are perfectly content having biased private corporations do the same thing. It's all about money and agenda.

And media is hamstrung by who pays the bills. You can turn the news on and watch a 5 minute spiel about the housing crisis, get warned in the broadcast of expected, continued depreciating home values, blatant mortgage fraud, etc., and then cut to commercial with a paid real estate agent ad proclaiming "it's a great time to buy." If you have the money, you can say anything you want in this country to further your agenda and the media will accommodate you.

When a media outlet endorses a candidate, are you really getting the real news about that candidate?

What really wasn't emphasized enough in your article the other day is that media company's today think if they separate their news anchors from their hatchet-men, that they're not biased. Fox has been doing it, but MSNBC didn't, and that was the argument and cause of the shakeup. My point is if your putting the hatchet-men on the air period, then you have a credibility problem. It's like being a racist. Sure, you can go out in public and behave, but deep down everyone knows you still have a black heart. Well, everyone except those that like and share the message. You have to practice fair and balanced, not just make it your motto.

How many FAUX watchers turn the channel at 7 P.M and say "I changed it because this is when their bias people take over?"

Then, you could go off into the whole other subject of who the people being reported about allow to interview them. Who on FAUX gets a lot of Bush, Cheney interviews?

Bing, bing, bing. If you said O'Reilly and Hannity, we have a winner!