Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The Big Fix?

We all know how the investment banks, financial institutions and brokers tried to manipulate the American mortgage market and in their greed lost site of good business practices and created a stock scam called sub-prime mortgages which were then packaged and sold by Wall Street. With the feeding frenzy created by this illusion of housing prices raising ad infinitum the greed moguls and the greed mongers accepted millions of mortgages from people with no ability to pay them.

Stock was sold over and over again until the very citadels of our financial sector, the very banks and investment houses we rely on to protect our savings, protect our retirement and manage our economy were inundated with high risk holdings. Then a very unusual thing happened, truth prevailed. Housing prices stopped increasing because they were already way beyond the real value of the property.

Suddenly our trusted money managers were left holding billions and billions of dollars in inflated adjustable rate mortgages, and the home purchasers had no chance to make the escalating monthly payments. Mortgage defaults by the millions were set in motion and the money managers, also entrusted with our hard earned savings, retirement funds and stock holdings, lost billions and billions of real dollars, a total estimated at over $215 billion on mortgages alone.

Then the stock market prices collapsed as the backbone of our financial sector was swamped in losses and unable to explain how greed overshadowed laws and how they were willing to sacrifice the financial well-being of their clients to protect their own jobs, bonuses and buys out to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. So where do the pillars of finance stand today?

To avoid bankruptcy and avoid sending the world into economic crises they secured massive amounts of money from China, other Asian countries and the oil rich Arab world. So what is the price they paid to be bailed out by foreign money? Better still, what is the price we paid for our financial citadels to be bailed out by foreign money?

Today we see the same laundry list of financial powerhouses trying to regain their strength and stability in the market and lo and behold what happens to the market? First the oil prices defy every law and principle of accounting and keep skyrocketing at a pace never seen before. Second, virtually all other sectors of the market with the exception of gold collapse, almost as if being forced down so SOMEONE can step in and buy stock at depressed prices to salvage their balance sheets.

If this were a thoroughbred race, yet another industry being taken over by the Arab oil money, one would say the big fix is on. Something very crooked is being done to make someone an awful lot of money and they are playing with grey areas of the law to make it happen.

Well Congress and the presidential candidates should ask who is benefiting from the spiraling oil and gold prices and the collapse of the stock market. Then Congress and the candidates should do something we haven’t seen in many years. Do something about it! If the financial institutions that lost $200 billion of our dollars, not theirs, have decided to artificially maintain high oil and gold prices and low stock prices so they can regain their credibility and stave off any investigations by a gutless congress and the more gutless international group called the World Bank then maybe it is time to repopulate the jails with people who deserve to be there.

Every financial institution in the world should be investigated to determine if they are profiting from the rigged oil prices of today. Expose their layers of hidden equity to see if they are owners of oil related companies or markets responsible for setting the oil and gold prices. See if they invested in such companies for themselves or if they allowed their little investors to benefit by including them in the holdings.

See if there is collusion between the oil producers, futures markets and banks and investment houses to prop up the oil price in order to offset the billions in sub-prime mortgage losses. And when you find the evidence, then do something about it. Oh yes, and while you are at it you better stop taking the millions of dollars in campaign contributions being thrown at you by these blood-sucking profit rich companies or you are also part of the corruption that has cast a dark shadow over the lands.

Public enemy number one in the oil crisis are the energy analysts and while there used to be just a conflict of interest involved because some analysts work for companies with major oil holdings, recently the government analysts like the U.S. Department of Energy have further fueled the oil price spiral with dismal forecasts for summer prices.

These analysts cannot explain what is happening in economic terms, as there is no justification for the profit gouging. So why are they not probing into the financial collusion that may exist and may be driving the prices up? If an analyst cannot tell us what is going on in the market then they have no business speculating on the future prices.

If there is market manipulation to virtually guarantee excessive profits then why is the U.S. Justice Department silent? What about the Federal Trade Commission or the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Interstate Commerce Commission or all the committees in the House and Senate looking out for our interests? Don’t any of them see that their continued silence is allowing the worst-case scenario to happen?

In the end, no matter what government action does or does not take place, every member of the House and Senate that ignored the public during this time of crisis should be thrown out of office for benign neglect of the public interest and if they accepted campaign contributions from these industries and they are proven guilty of price manipulations then the members of Congress should be impeached.

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