Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Oil Price Catastrophe

Why has our resident oil expert in the Bush administration, Vice President Cheney, been absolutely silent about the world wide oil scam resulting in higher prices when all economic statistics say the price should be going down? His old oil company Halliburton has moved their headquarters from America to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Is Cheney fleeing the country too when he is out of office and moving to the safety of the Arab world to rejoin the company?

Maybe that is why he is in the Middle East right now, looking for a house when he retires in 11 months. Right now someone is making billions of dollars in blood profits and someone in Washington, D.C. better pay attention. Our crooked financial institutions are reaping millions of dollars in oil profits to offset the millions of dollars in mortgage losses. Giant oil companies refuse to build more refinery capacity to keep the supply low and profits up yet they benefit from billions in tax shelters.

When the financial institutions get caught cheating which is about once a month now they are rewarded with minimum fines, no jail time, they still get their million dollar salaries and bonuses, and as if that is not enough, they get a tax deduction on their fines. What has happened to our world?

Bush says everything will be okay. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson can’t even tell us if we are in a recession. And our oil expert is dead silent on oil. Maybe these are signs the lame duck is lamer than we think? You don't think Henry Paulsen is related to Pat Paulsen do you?

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Anonymous said...

You can't possibly think that Paulson is related to Pat Paulsen...they don't even spell their names the same!
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