Wednesday, March 14, 2007

World News Recap

The Democrats have now been in control of congress for the first quarter of the year and how are they doing with their laundry list of immediate promises?

The stock market has collapsed, regrouped, and collapsed again.
The trade deficit set another record.
No news on immigration reform.
No news on campaign reform.
Oil prices are skyrocketing again for no reason.
Congress still refuses to investigate the interlocking ownership in oil.
Housing foreclosures are setting new records.
About half of congress is running for president.
The war in Iraq continues as if congress doesn’t even exist.

Hey, things remain pretty much the same and that’s all I have to say about that.


Mugsy1 said...

too funny! I particularly liked the "Half of congress running for pres." I laughed out loud (LOL) :)

John Michael said...

Here's another winter blast from the tundra. "He's back" article is very good.40 degrees and climbing. snow forecasted for wednesday. Your words help with the spring thaw. Gets me ready for Sun burns, Miller Lites, Seenedals, hard crabs and moments to brain wash my childern into thinking that this little piece of southern maryland is one of gods greatest gifts. childhood memories last forever.