Thursday, February 08, 2007

What About the Other History Months?

There was a letter the other day in the Enterprise about eliminating Black History month because it is a disruptive influence on all the students not Black and for a variety of other reasons. Perhaps the more proper thing to do would be to honor all the appropriate major ethnic groups in the American population and maybe the Native Americans since they seemed to have been exploited by everyone else.

Think about it. Some estimates are there were about 100 million Native Americans when the white man showed up 500 years ago. Since then they are the only ethnic group in America to have lost population, and not just lost it but seen it nearly wiped out. Now (2005 US Census estimates) there are just 2.3 million Native Americans left, a whopping loss of 97.7 million people lost to the progress of civilization. They deserve at least one History Month if not a whole year of attention.

Of the rest of the groups Black History month seems to be the only one receiving an entire month of study by our schools. In America Blacks make up 12.1% of the population compared to 74.6% White, 14.5% Hispanic, and 4.3% Asian. Thanks to the march of mankind the Native Americans, once the only people in America, are now down to less than 1% of the population and if it weren’t for their casinos they’d probably be extinct.

So the Native Americans deserve at least a month so they won’t be forgotten. The Whites, since there are six times as many as the Blacks, would also seem to warrant a History Month. There are more Hispanics than Blacks and the Hispanics have a few bones of their own to pick with America since they once owned all the land from Texas to California so maybe we should give them a History Month as well. There are 41.8 million Hispanics compared to 34.9 million Blacks but if we add the 10 million more illegal immigrants there are more like 51 million Hispanics here, 17.6% of the population.

That leaves us with the Asians, 12.4 million strong, and they now control the automobile and electronics industries worldwide so we better not upset them or we won’t have cell phones, HD TV or reliable cars. I say give them at least three weeks to a full History Month as well.

We would now have a Black History Month, White History Month, Hispanic History Month, Asian History Month, and Native American History Month. If we were truly fair we must look to the ancestry of all Americans for a full picture. As of 2000 the Census Bureau said there were 42.8 million Americans of German ancestry, 30.5 million Irish, 24.5 million English, 15.6 million Italian, and more than 4 million Polish, French, Scottish, Dutch, Norwegian, Scotch-Irish and Swedish.

That means we need 16 months to celebrate all the diverse ethnic groups with more population in America than the Native Americans. According to the national educational test results our kids aren’t learning much anyway so at least we could teach them a little about themselves. We could also extend school to year round so we don’t have kids hanging around in the summer, so teachers are working for time they are already paid, so there are more jobs available at McDonalds for senior citizens, and so high school football teams could start practicing earlier in the summer.

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