Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Road to Stardom with Billy Bush

Billy Bush, the ego starved host of Access Hollywood on NBC cannot resist the temptation to make himself a bigger celebrity than the celebrities he is supposed to showcase. But his latest escapade on TV has reached a new low in egomania, and it makes one wonder if NBC or the other networks carrying the show are a party to this nonsense.

Not content to just interview celebrities, Billy has decided that whatever Paris Hilton does he can do so he decided to become a recording star using the show to make himself what he isn’t, a record star. Now at least Paris had her own money to do this.

Billy used the show to get the best writers, producers, voice coaches and engineers to try and make him sound good. In the process he used all the resources of national television exposure to advance his personal career and didn’t pay a cent like every other artist in America must do.

Even a top producer, David Foster, was conned into the act and wound up looking like a stooge or patsy for helping someone with little talent to look good. Foster sold his soul for a few bucks and three nights of TV exposure. His integrity went down the toilet.

As for the Bush boy, his supercharged ego is beginning to drag co-host Nancy O’Dell down with him and we can only hope she can escape before her integrity is shot as well. Nancy is one of the few really good, objective hosts left on TV.

What in the world are the show producers thinking?


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