Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Diane Sawyer for Vice President!

There is a huge foreign policy problem in the White House that comes from decades of stagnation, inertia and plain old playground bullying. Look at the advisors that have the President's ear. There is Vice President Cheney and no other unless they were cronies of Cheney like Rumsfeld. Poor Condi Rice has been a mouthpiece for the ancients as long as she has been there which means she has no credibility when it comes to challenging the boys in the backroom.

Hey, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the gang have served the nation since Gerry Ford was President and most people don't even remember those days. We've had Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2 since those days, eight full terms of presidents, and over 30 years since they were new faces in the nation's capitol. You can't really expect new ideas for correcting the problems of the world when the policy makers are from the geriatric set. The world they grew up in no longer exists. Perhaps it is time they no longer exist in control of policy that is outdated and unrealistic for the world of tomorrow.

In recent months ABC correspondent Diane Sawyer, Kentucky's gift to the media mess reporting on world affairs, has quietly and calmly secured interviews with people the Bush Administration refuses to talk to on some long forgotten principles. She has been to North Korea and Syria, met with and interviewed the leaders, learned more about them than the collective efforts of our 18 intelligence agencies, and outlined a path to peace which just might work.

Instead of thanking her for finding out exactly what the leaders of these nations are thinking, the White House continued their playground bully practices. The mouthpieces for the president blasted the countries for backing terrorism, not securing their borders, and all the other things the old boys could dredge up from the sabre rattling days of old when the world was black and white. Haven't they learned anything to date?

The Syrian President said it best when he said the USA can't even secure the border with Mexico, how can they expect other countries to secure borders with hostile nations. Remember Mr. Bush, between 13 and 20 million people have illegally slipped through our southern border. Heaven knows how many more came through the thousands of miles of Canadian border.

It is a new world calling for new ideas and new ambassadors to seek out the new solutions. The old boys have had their day in the sun, now it is time for fresh faces without the baggage of the old boys. Bush could still pull off a reversal and not end up the most unpopular president in history if he has the ability to lead rather than do what he is told.

We can start the long road to healing the world rather than threatening the world if Vice President Cheney would resign for health reasons. It is a perfectly legitimate excuse. He can’t even shoot straight. Bush could then appoint Diane Sawyer as the new Vice President and give her the authority to negotiate one on one with our adversaries, which she has already done. No one in the Administration has even met these people.

Sawyer is humble, cool and knowledgeable, something in short supply in our nation's capitol, in politics and in the news media. Most important she is open-minded and already has access to the very people the Administration cannot talk to for fear of looking weak I guess. Wake up Bush and demonstrate you are capable of original thought, of pioneering peace rather than retribution, of shedding the bonds that bind you to the worn out ideas of the past. Give our nation back to the people. Let common sense rule over the playground bullying we know does not work.

You tried trusting the intelligence agencies and look what it got. You trusted the military and look what that got. You trusted your advisors and look what that got. You’ve trusted everyone no one else trusts. Maybe it’s time you trust someone others do trust, someone like Diane Sawyer, the girl from Kentucky Bluegrass country.

The history books might read you had the first female VP in history. You tore down the barriers of hate between the Syrians and other Moslems and the USA. You eliminated the DMZ between the Koreas. I mean you might even be able to sell tickets to your future presidential library at some point in time. Think about it.

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