Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where in the world is Coltons Point?

Coltons Point is on the Potomac River 60 miles south of Washington, D.C., just a few miles from the Chesapeake Bay. The river here is 4 miles across. The first Catholics in America landed here around 1620 but were immediately chased away by the local Indians. To this day that remains the mood of the locals toward outsiders.

Think of it, a pre-colonial artifact in the 21st century, that's Coltons Point. A quaint little very old fishing village with no churches, no government, no politicians, no gas stations, no cops, no stop lights, no street lights, no sewers, no water, no hospitals, no schools, no doctors, no dentists, no shopping centers, no libraries, no fast food, well, you get the idea.

You come down here and you're on your own.

There are more fishing boats than cars, more animals than people, and more crabs and oysters than you can ever eat as long as you don't go out to eat. You won't find high speed internet here, it's beyond dsl, the end of the line for digital cable, and phone lines flood out every heavy rain.

Coltons Point has its very own perspective on the nation and the world and that is why we are trying to give you this news on the news since we also have no newspaper. It's a tough crowd down here. They don't put up with much nonsense from the "real" world. I'd say they are street smart but there aren't any streets so let's just say they are savvy in the ways of the old fishermen of the sea.

Hope you enjoy their worldview in the postings.

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Anonymous said...

What about Coltons Point that make you moved there to work? I really enjoy the articles about the history of the village. My wife are looking for a weekend getaway that may eventually become our retirement place, do you think CP is a good place to retire to?