Friday, October 27, 2006

America Squeaks/Speaks - Election 2006

We worry about our future down here, how to protect it from the crazies up river in DC. You should to. So I thought you might want to hear the latest election news from the Diner.

Will the President be Bush-whacked? Will the Democrats ever stop attacking the attackers and tell us what they would do different? Come to think of it, what is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? These are some of the questions to be decided this election year.

Well, thanks to President Clinton we know the Democrats still party better. As far as the scandals and corruption, anyone who pays attention knows the party in power, no matter which it is, always gets scandalous and corrupt in time.

We know political party platforms have a foundation of quicksand. Most all candidates take big money from big money. If they don’t they lose. TV stations can’t tell us the truth about candidates because every two years politicians are their biggest source of ad revenue. About a dozen congressmen, senators or governors will get caught in corruption, a sex scandal, or some other form of private perversion that went public.

Somewhere around 100 million votes will be cast if that many, probably split about even between the good guys and the bad guys so it doesn’t matter which side you’re on. Two years ago in the presidential race Bush and Gore had about 60 million votes each.

So there are 225 million Americans of voting age. About 100 million will vote and they will split the vote between Republicans and Democrats. Thus each party will get about 50 million votes. That means the destiny of the USA, the world’s self-proclaimed greatest democracy, will be governed with the support of 22% of the eligible voters, while more than half of all eligible voters (56%) won’t even bother to vote. In the words of philosopher Hillbilly Joe down here at the Diner, “that sucks”.

So America does have a silent majority. They just don't vote. Why is that? Watch for future articles on that issue. More Joey gems; “good thing the nonsense will end in 10 days, I’m sick of the donkeys and elephants taking over TV. Besides, if the no shows win then both candidates should lose, and wouldn't we be better off with no politicians.”

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