Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Conversations with Melchizedek – Suppose Divine Intervention wiped out the Internet – could you survive?


What if the Solar Eclipse has Supernatural Implications?
Have we been lied to again?

As if the polarization, the hatred running rampant, the building of walls and silencing of opposing views have reach a point where the future of the people of Earth is no longer assured, could Divine intervention bring the world as we know it to a halt?

Free will, free choice, individual freedom, and a right to privacy have all been willingly discarded by our governments or those controlling our governments over the past decade and have been eroding for many decades more.

In the name of “national security” rights have been trampled upon and those exposing such actions have been castigated as whistleblowers and traitors.  Ven the news media has been aggressive in misdirecting the attention from the slavery of security to the folly of politics, completely ignoring far greater harms being done to people.

What makes us think we are immune from the Creator using divine intervention to bring the people of Earth back into balance, correcting the current class warfare and correcting the imbalance of justice we face.  Make no mistake, when morale and ethical decay dominate our leaders and the watchdog media, we are disturbing the will of the Creator.

Just for a moment, imagine what might happen if the current deplorable state of world and national affairs including the obvious breakdown of institutions through corruption has sent our planet into a tailspin toward the Dark Side where slavery rules and rules are meant to be broken.

If this were your Creation would you let it run amok?

What if there was a convergence of critical celestial events combined with the quite obvious spiritual warnings of the dangers we face, and they were real?

Here is what stares us in the face.

1.     A solar eclipse August 21 with a path across the entire United States that last happened 99 years ago.
2.     Planet X, or Nibiru, appears behind the Sun on the same day in direct alignment with the Earth, an event last recorded when Jesus died on the Cross and the entire Earth shook and thunder exploded around the world casting the entire planet in light.

3.     The Holy Mother Mary began warning the world at Fatima 100 years ago we face grave and deadly consequences if we did not take certain spiritual steps to save the earth, steps we have failed to take.
4.     Did we ignore multiple warnings from prophets and seers, scientists and metaphysical entities that earth is on the precipice of major frequency changes with a potential result of magnetic polar reversal, a halt in the earth’s rotation resulting in half of the earth spending days in darkness before the planet restarts, with a consequence of disrupting the electrical grid.

5.     Have we gone so far beyond safety warning of the saturation of earth with human produced electro-magnetic waves from computers, smart phones, Wifi, and smart TVs among the millions of products now generating such waves, that we have created a shield around the earth that blocks the electro-magnetic waves of Creation necessary to nurture Mother earth.

6.     Has the spiritual evolution of humankind fallen into such disarray that due to the moral and ethical breakdown and the polarization of hatred among our peoples we have lost our moral compass and become willing victims of the Dark Side?

7.     Is the cumulative effect of all these disparate actions cause for Divine intervention to wake up the world as the battle between good and evil spills over from the Heavens to Earth causing massive disruption and destruction through a series of intense natural disasters at a scale never before witnessed resulting in serious damage and disruption to the internet and all those smart phone users when texting, messaging, applications, and information from weather to news are no longer available.

Are you ready to lose your source of knowledge, information, social contact, and thinking and face a future where your initiative and imagination alone are necessary to survive?

If you are among the 50% of the population of America on anti-depressant and other prescription drugs and trending toward opioid addiction what will happen to you when the drugs are no longer available and the distribution network is disrupted.  Will the result be an explosion in mental breakdowns, suicides, and senseless murders by freaked out addicts?

I hope it is not the world we will face in the immediate future but I believe the collective fear of humanity powered by the polarization and hatred it generates could manifest itself in these ways.  Thus, the only solution to find the truth will be spiritual intervention, not to punish the people of earth but to stop the people of earth from self-destructing.

What if, you are wrong about the eclipse, it is not just another natural event providing entertainment to the masses, and the Creator and His Son Jesus are not going to allow the masses to become even more enslaved to the machines of artificial intelligence.  Are you prepared for a world that can be transformed overnight by the simple loss of the Internet and electro-magnetic machines created by man?

I suspect nearly everyone has thought that this can not possibly be the world our Creator wanted us to experience, something is wrong, people are living in fear, and it must be stopped.  Are you ready to seek the truth?  Stay tuned.

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