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Conversations with Melchizedek - The Ascension of Jesus of Nazareth


There are many mysteries tied to the fulfillment of ancient prophecy as demonstrated by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.  Melchizedek views this period of the three years of Jesus' ministry as the most dramatic and significant three years in the history of the human race, and even Creation. 

If ever we needed evidence that the actions of Jesus were recognition of the value of the old Pagan ways, as well as the new Christian ways, the Resurrection and Ascension would be the proof.

What took place in those two moments in the life of Jesus when ancient prophecy became real, shattered all preconceived notions of the power of miracles, and demonstrated that mysteries and magic are essential to salvation.

Think about it, for the first time in recorded history someone came back from the dead, not just at the moment of death like Lazarus, but three days after he died.  It never happened before in human history.

As if that is not a sufficient exclamation point to focus attention on the power of the Creator and Creation, forty days after the stunning Resurrection, Jesus and his physical body then ascended to Heaven to sit at the right hand of God.

The Ascension of Jesus is not to be confused with the ascension of all souls as described in Revelations, nor the ascension of the prophet Elijah who never died.  Jesus died for the sins of Mankind, then, came back from the dead before ascending to Heaven.

What was the message of the Ascension?

There were a number of key points to make, profound and quite diverse, in the course of the ascension.  First was a reinforcement of the miraculous nature of the Resurrection.  In that context was a second issue, what was the sin(s) of Mankind that Jesus sacrificed his life to forgive.

In addition, there were two incredible demonstrations of the power of love and the meaning of the Christ Consciousness.  One is the story of a Mother's love from his Holy Mother Mary, as she stood by him through his crucifixion, death, and resurrection always knowing what would come next.  The second was the perfect love between Jesus and The Magdalene so reflective of the Christ Consciousness in reflecting love everywhere.

As if the tasks already discussed were not enough, the Ascension was also the culmination of thousands of years of Ancient Prophecy regarding the coming of the Messiah, the refusal by the Jewish leaders to accept him as the Messiah when they knew it to be true, and the prophecies concerning the Resurrection and Ascension.

Why was the Ascension a reinforcement of the Resurrection?

According to Melchizedek, it was because the people of Earth never witnessed an act of a human rising from the dead three days after the death.  Never, in human history did it take place.  The story is a miraculous and magical act of love on the part of his Father the Creator to give his son life after death.  In terms of the magical and mysterious prophecies about the Messiah, these existed in many cultures long before the coming of Jesus and Christianity.

Melchizedek has long taught that many billions of years of human existence are missing because of flawed scientific methods used to date human activity.  It was during this time of pre-history that multiple ages, cultures, and civilizations evolved, then self-destructed or were wiped out by natural cataclysmic events that obliterated many species for years, including humans.

What this means is that the Pagan era existed far longer than history books indicate, so clearly some of the Pagan spirituality practices were pleasing to the Creator.  In fact, the various Christian religions incorporated many Pagan practices or symbols into their churches, sacred objects, and ceremony, and even the Jewish Kabala did the same.

Perhaps the spirituality of the Druid era was the nearest we came to pleasing the Creator in our treatment of Mother Earth.  It was a time of honoring nature, using herbs to heal, when spirituality and magic flowed through all aspects of the Druid life.

According to the Druid web site in England, http://www.druidry.org/ the lineage of the Druid spiritual tradition crosses many thousands of years of time.  We see the first evidence of spiritual practice in Europe 25,000 years ago.  After initiation in the belly of Mother Earth, they were reborn into the light of day.  Twenty thousand years later, in around 3000 BCE, we can see the same practice of seeking rebirth within the Earth.

Four thousand five hundred years later, in the sixteenth century, the key text of Druid spirituality, transcribed from the oral tradition by Christian clerics, talks of the spiritual and magical training of a Druid, in which he is eaten by a Goddess, enters her belly, and is reborn as the greatest poet in the land.

Therefore, from over twenty thousand years ago to the sixteenth century, we see a common theme - which we find again in the training of Druids and poets in Scotland up until the seventeenth century.  There, to awaken their creative genius, they would lie in darkness for days, generally in a cave, and after this period of sensory deprivation, they returned into the brightness of the world.

This theme of seeking spiritual rebirth and creative expression through undergoing a simulated death-rebirth experience, runs like a golden thread of spiritual practice through the four major periods of history that relate to Celtic and Druid spirituality.

The Druid motto shows how closely aligned the ancient Druids are with the Creator's Creation, Mother Earth.

Druidry is a vital and dynamic nature spirituality
that is flourishing all over the world.
It unites our love of the earth with our love of creativity
and the arts.
Flowing through all the exciting new developments in
modern druidism
is the power of an ancient tradition:
The love of land, sea, and sky - The love of the
earth our home.

Creation covers a vast span of years, billions, in which many cultures survived and sometimes flourished.  Spirituality is a crucial element to all of civilization, while religion is a more modern structure of the Christian era to organize people around a religious dogma.

The act of resurrecting is clearly a magical wonder as much as a physical impossibility.  To follow that by ascending to Heaven, well that defies science, nature, logic, and a host of other values.  Neither the Creator nor his son hesitated to use such wonderful acts of magic to make and reinforce spiritual teachings.

What sins of Mankind did Jesus die for?

Here it gets interesting.  What sin could be so bad that it required the Son of God's death?  We know The Ten Commandments outlined serious sins; however, confession, penance, and remorse through priests could forgive them.  No, a sin of the magnitude resulting in the death of the Son of God was much worse.

Here is where the teachings of the bible did not focus attention on this aspect of the Resurrection and Ascension.  As Melchizedek made abundantly clear, the sin of Mankind obscured by all the emotions, tragedy, and tears of the crucifixion was the sin of Slavery.

Now when I first heard this it took me aback.  Yet Melchizedek was compelling in his defense of the sin.  There can be no greater abomination to the Creator than to steal away the most precious of all gifts of the Creator to his Creations, freedom, and free will. 

When I pressed Melchizedek about this, he reiterated that only the Creator can bestow the power of life and taking souls into slavery was not the intent of the Creator.  The enslavement of people is not a spiritual act and the ownership of human beings is wrong.

Of course, in the time of Jesus it was common for conquering armies, kingdoms, empires, or tribes to make slaves of their victims, a practice quite rampant.  Yet Melchizedek insisted that slavery today has far surpassed what existed back then.

Today we face forms of slavery we are yet to recognize.  We are slaves to technology, and our youth are being sucked into a bottomless pit of "artificial intelligence" and it's mastery over humankind.  There is also financial slavery, which brainwashes people into using credit cards with huge interest rates, buying excessive homes, cars, and a multitude of other expensive and non-essential self-indulgences.

Add to that the slavery of human trafficking, sex slaves, illegal immigrant trafficking, prostitution, drug dependency, and legal prescription addiction, and it is easy to see how the majority of people today are living in slavery with no chance to break out.

Some follow up questions for Melchizedek

How do people get beyond the sense of aloneness that they have, as so many people feel alone and abandoned?  How do we break that spell?

To know that the solitude, the aloneness, is part of life and to take the hands of Christ, guidance, angels, those who come to give a relationship on the journey.  The concept of having companions on this journey fills that need.

Well that would assume that people are in control of their mind but right now about 50% of the population of America is opiate addicted, probably they do not even have a mind left to control.  I mean we do have to address them as part of this process right.

Not if computers are controlling the thought process.  They need to become independent of that and realize the dangers of it and come back to self, come back to reading, come back to being in earth, come back to things we have turned our backs to.

How about relationships, they have become obsolete?

Yes relationships with people.

And how about emotional interaction, people's first reaction to seeing somebody else is often fear.  

You mean they see somebody else as being there.

The meaning of Jesus the Mediator is that here it comes in a seed, the Christ Consciousness comes in a seed, it's a flame, it grows, it bursts, it ignites, it brings meaning to the Creator being in us all, often times dormant and unrecognizable in the human form.  The Christ Consciousness comes as the flame, the fire, the lightning bolt to awaken that awareness of that God Creator force in us to stabilize in that polarity, to stabilize the relationship within each human being between human self and godly self.  In addition, in that then it is possible to bring the Christ Consciousness or God wholeness into each relationship as we meet one another.

We talk about eyes being the entranceway to the soul.  Why two eyes, why a polarity, why do people talk about a friendly eye and a dark eye?  It speaks of that polarity within each individual.  When you look at someone, which eye do you look at?  Do you look at both eyes at once, or do you see the Third Eye emerging?

The concept of the Third Eye in each individual, well why is the Third Eye invisible, why are we not like a Cyclops with that Third Eye sticking out there, the Cyclops being one eye?  The concept, the stories, the myth, the fables of the merging of the two eyes into the one, the Cyclops myth and fable, this is at the basis of the fusion of the two aspects of the human condition.

This is the seed and the igniting that the Christ Consciousness brings to us.  We can call it also the male and female in each of us, and how we relate to others comes from this united fusion within each individual. 

What does it mean when they say before you can forgive others you have to forgive yourself or before you can love others you have to love yourself?

To have compassion for our own mistakes first.  We cannot have compassion at all toward other people if we are still judging ourselves.  We need to have compassion for our own mistakes and our own human walk, our periodic inability to see the God in ourselves, those times when we are seeing ourselves and say, my Father why has though forsaken me?

Well at the time of Jesus' calling, there was no Christian religion.  Did Jesus feel like he was starting a whole, new religion?

In the earth state, it felt like a new movement of faith away from the corruption of the Sanhedrin, and others.  The exposed belief of people in many gods and having animal familiars was never in question before the Father.  However, their arrogance over using slaves was the issue.

In addition, slaves could be anybody, non-Hebrew, or non-Roman?

There were many slaves.  Jesus always knew his worth and role, and was sometimes astonished at the truth that came out when he spoke.  In the earth existence, he felt extreme frustration, finding great difficulty being able to get through, with feelings hurt.  Later in his ministry, he knew he could only speak and there would be those who hear, and leave the rest.  For in the end the culmination of the Resurrection and Ascension is to bring all souls back to their proper place in Creation and with the Creator, with the Father. 

The actions Jesus took are just as valid today as they were then in terms of the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Yes, Jesus is the Living God.  The same today.

We just have different distractions, like technology.  We have a new form of slavery called technology.

Yes the Dark One, the veneration of the machine, soulless ones.  These are the soulless ones.

How do we pierce the shields of different cultures, religions, nationalities, and their unwillingness to accept the fact that we are all equal?     

Penetrate as water penetrates rock, keep the flow, move with the energy, move in the direction of the energy, and move in the direction of the river, of the current.  In time, water will penetrate the rock.

So does that mean we have to give people signs and signals leading to the unification?   
Yes, continue to speak your truth.  Understand that there are, as there are veins in rock, veins through the earth, tunnels, arteries, even in the human body it is a...

like meridians...          

...picture the little pockets of existence divided by these veins, arteries.  And those who are living in each of their pockets, are moving into these veins, moving into the flow, at their own rate, at their own time, at their own level and sometimes it's best to let them alone, best to let them flow at their own rate.

Therefore, compassion is a key to understanding.

It is, it is, and first compassion is for us.  In our limit to understanding, because we cannot be completely free of the pains, the disappointments of this earth, most of us cannot be completely free.  To be completely free, means that the physical aspect is beginning to disassemble and pull apart.  We are becoming invisible.  We are becoming ascendants.  To live in that state requires us to be greatly cared for by those around us who understand who we are.  This is the role of the Ascended Masters.  They are very much cared for and...

In addition, caring...      

Yes and for those of us who are not in such a position we still face very much the difficulties of the earth life.  We need to understand as we flow and allow ourselves to enter these tributaries; we are going into that sea of consciousness, that sea of compassion.

I think many people will latch on to one single thought and help drive them in the direction we all need to go.  It may not be the whole theory of the Ascension or the purpose of the Ascension, it may one of those profound thoughts you share.              

Is there a proper balance to maintain when we are discussing this history between Magic and Religion, or Christianity, or the Old Times versus the Modern Times, the Pagan time versus the Non-Pagan time?  I think we must define a stronger role for magic as part of the entire Creation process.

Magic has the ability to weave these threads of life, and travel out among them.

It also appeals to those doubting the sincerity or value of religion.  

The Magic suppressed behind the religious symbols needs to come forward and this is the fusion, delivered here.  These are the purposes of our experiences together to bring this forth.

Was there widespread awareness on earth when Jesus fulfilled the Ascension prophecy?    

Yes, felt in the hearts of men everywhere.  Those who felt and recognized the tremors of his death on the cross and the storm and that planetary disruption, were waiting for and were ready to recognize that vibration of the ascension, there was great anticipation for his movement back to the Heaven, the return.

Which was prophesized right...

Yes, it was a part of the prophecy as proof of the Messiah.  Not just a Messiah who would come as a historical political figure to create a religious movement, but the Messiah embodied in one person who would resurrect, then ascend.  The Jewish leaders were mistaken in the concept of two Messiahs.

Did they believe there would be a Messiah on earth and a Messiah in Heaven?  They would be separate. 

Yes, there was also a ruler, a King who spoke with really the Satanic voice of saying, "I will rule the earth, you will rule the Heavens.  You rule everything religious, and together we will rule the world."  It was an echoing of that temptation.  He wanted Christ to live and not be crucified.

What is the true meaning of the ascension?

To amplify the resurrection, to make the resurrection more visible, recognizable to those who were watching and reporting the ascension.

The concern expressed by Jesus regarding the death and resurrection being focused on the sin of slavery that existed then, and continues to exist now, are true?

Yes, the most deplorable aspect of power of one over another is the aspect of slavery.

Are we making progress?

We are moving towards more open free will energy, mental energy, for the planet for this space-time existence.

Does the international movement toward a One World government contribute to or defeat that purpose?

One World government is a continuation of the inequality or inequity we have already witnessed.

Okay, because as far as I am concerned the One World government may be nothing but a front for the rich, the super rich.

Absolutely, there are those who have always been in power, and still want to maintain power.  In the world's screen of technology and openness, the myth of so much being "free" on the Internet is a great deception.

The Internet also is a source of slavery through the artificial intelligence, taking away the minds of everybody by giving them all the answers, eliminating creative thinking, eliminating the ability to communicate.

It has a good side and a down side; this is the flip of the coin, the opposite side of the coin.  Any aspect of something can serve good purposes...

...and bad...

Very much so, to dominate and manipulate by those who understand technology and see it in this way.

Right because it's also a valid source of new methodologies, new technologies to manage human slavery, to manage wars,

Wars and Monetary slavery because who really gains...

Only the parasites.    

Yes and do those who really have the knowledge, the skill, and the ability really gain or have a life, make a life, make a living.

Now at the Ascension, who was there to witness it?

The closest apostles.

Not all the apostles.

Peter, John, James, the Mary's (Mother Mary and the Magdalene), Martha...

The inner circle, this was like the inner circle, the closest advisers, and confidants.

In addition, some of the Essenes were present.  There was a gathering, how big was the crowd, maybe eighty people.

From where did they ascend?  What was the location?  Was it some Mount?  At one point, I read that he was in Jerusalem.  But there does not seem to be any agreement.

Near the tomb site, near, not far from the Crucifixion site, not far from the Garden of Gethsemane, that same Garden area near the site of the actual event.  That came through the Garden of Gethsemane where his last Our Father would have taken place.

Many psychics believe the Solar Eclipse August 21 of this year will be an opportunity for us to ascend.  Who will ascend at that time?

This Ascension is not about you, your pride, your ego, or whatever it is that drives you.  In addition, you do not choose the time and place for your ascension.  It is by invitation only to those who have achieved the highest state of grace possible in their physical form.  Think of it as the first step in spiritual evolution.

You face judgment, make no mistake about it, not by peers, but by celestial beings who have tracked your progress in serving the Creator's Will through however many lifetimes you have experienced.

Should you not be one of the few enlightened souls invited to experience the Ascension this coming August, do not fear.  It is not an act of failure, for all souls will return to the Creator at the appropriate time.

It simply means you have not completed your work on Earth.

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