Thursday, November 05, 2015

Our Broken Health Care System - Whom can you trust and whom can you believe?


What a sad commentary to hear the news media talk about how our presidential candidates from Clinton to Christy, Bush to Fiorina, have suddenly begun talking about the dangers of prescription drugs and how addiction to prescriptions is causing a heroin epidemic in America.

Hillary should think about such things when her presidential campaign accepts all that money from Big Pharma and the Clinton Foundation accepts millions of more dollars from the same scoundrels.  One day the FBI will recover the missing emails and we will finally know the truth.

Until then, I have been writing articles for over a decade about the abuses in medicine and health care including the prescription drug explosion.  Demand our candidates tell us what they are going to do about it!  You will hear nothing.

This is the same road Barack Obama got away with when he took millions of dollars for his campaign from Big Pharma, then attacked them over health care.  Then he took $50 million from them to promote Obamacare when it was being debated and lo and behold, after it was approved the drug companies got everything they wanted and more.

I am reprinting the key articles I wrote exposing the dangerous condition of our health care system, all because it is grounded on profitability and not healing.  Obamacare is Eutopia for anyone desiring to keep people sick to maximize insurance payments and make no mistake my friends, they will do anything and everything necessary to make money by keeping you sick.

So your favorite family doctor gets a bonus when he prescribes certain prescriptions.  Where I come from they call that bribery, and millions and millions of dollars are involved.  Congress and the president make sure the doctors are exempt from liability if they prescribe these drugs, even if they lead to suicide or accidental overdoses.

Big Pharma pays off doctors to prescribe their drug and their drug leads to the death of the 
 user whether through adverse side effects or suicide from addiction to the prescribed drug.  So far you have committed bribery, used unfair business practices, had excessive prescriptions written, and killed your client, and you cannot even be held responsible.

Those lovable drug companies we see on television bring you relief from pain and drugs to help you sleep.  Sounds like a Columbian drug cartel to me.  As for the trusted doctors, they are the drug distributors, the ones condemning you to death, and there is no recourse for what either has done.

Well, we have a government allowing this insanity to take place, we have a health care system called Obamacare thriving on the carnage resulting from over-prescription, and we have health insurance companies paying the tab as long as the people paid their highly inflated premiums.

All of the assorted characters are responsible for the tens of thousands of suicides taking place and the hundreds of thousands of drug over-doses resulting in accidental or suicidal death.

"The Blood of American Victims is on the Hands of the People we Trusted most."

The following series of "broken health care system" articles explains how we, the people, are victimized, by a system with no morals, no ethics, and no justice, just profit and greed.

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