Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Dark Clouds in the Horizon for polarizing Democrats as Obama and Clinton becoming toxic


Of course, the national liberal media will never tell you the truth, but the American public will.  No matter how hard the media try to convince you Obama is popular and Clinton is a sure bet history will demonstrate how wrong the pundits are at predicting elections.

Yesterday in Kentucky, where Democrats take for granted they will win the governor's races thanks to the old Clinton and Obama factor, polls the weekend before the election were a full fifteen percentage points wrong!  A couple of days before the election the polls showed the Democrat candidate winning by five points.  He lost by 10 points, a fifteen percent swing.

Worse than that, the GOP candidate was not even backed by the Republican party until the very last minute and he opposed gay marriage and backed the County Clerk in Kentucky who refused to grant licenses to gay couples and went to jail for her belief.

Analysts came to the late realization that things had changed.  When they asked Democrats why they did not bring Bill and Hillary Clinton in to campaign for their candidate they reminded the media that Bill and Hillary campaigned the previous election.

In 2014, they went to Kentucky and campaigned for Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic candidate thought to be able to beat Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.  In spite of polls showing a tight race Grimes was walloped by McConnell by fifteen percent.

As for Obama, there are more and more disenfranchised Democrats who realize they were taken  for granted by Obama and he never delivered on the vast majority of his 2008 campaign promises.  While Democrats think constituent groups like Blacks, Hispanics, and Catholics are foolish enough to vote for Democrats no matter how little the president helps their causes, the straight party voting seems to be fading into the history books.

Duh, people actually have principles and among their principles is do not lie to the people or take ethnic and religious blocks for granted.  There are Democrats who actually vote for the person based on qualifications, not what Obama or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, National Democratic Party Chairman, tell them to do.

As a result, the Republicans crushed the Democrats in 2014, and now the GOP won both governor races in 2015.  Why is it the old politicians in Washington, their political advisors, and the liberal media remain lost in a fog.

No matter how many lies Democratic public interest groups, (PIG groups), put on the Internet and are shared by mindless people blindly passing on the lies, Americans, even Democrats, can see through the lies and are voting against the professional politicians.

Ironically, the Republican pundits who would normally join in the lying game with their Democrat counterparts with attack ads have been silent.  This is yet another indication that the people have matured far faster than the politicians, pundits, and press.

Republican voters have made it clear they want to throw the career politicians out as well and that process is now in full swing with the succession of forty-five year old Paul Ryan as the new Speaker of the House.  Add to that the fact over fifty percent of GOP voters favor outsiders for president and a lot of professional politicians better start thinking of new careers.

However, as Kentucky just proved, this is not just a GOP attitude, Democrats and Independents helped throw out the Democrat control of the governorship.

The Democrats will never nominate Bernie Sanders, while Hillary Clinton, the face of the Democrats, is not trusted by the majority of people.  Every time Obama's screaming demon mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz goes on television to praise all Obama has done for us, more Democrat voters seem to slip out of her control.

Mark my word, with the disintegrating legacy of Obama the chances of a Democrat keeping the presidency are no greater than in 2008 when no Republican could win after the Bush presidency.  Since Obama was the beneficiary back then, I guess political party success is like a revolving door, you can lose the office as fast as you won it.

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