Saturday, November 22, 2014

Who really won the election? Republicans, Democrats, Obama, or Undocumented.


First, I think the term undocumented is pathetic.  I cannot think of any descriptive word worse than the cursed terms Democrat, Republican, or Congress, except undocumented worker.  Maybe we should say the "underground" since they are part of the underground economy in America.

So far, the underground are the only winners in the election as they forced the president's hand after his six years of broken promises.  In terms of numerical impact, the GOP were big winners and the Democrats big losers.  Contrary to press reports, that is pretty much what happens every midterm election, the party holding the presidency loses and the minority party wins.

Still, my instinct tells me neither the Republicans nor the Democrats won because it was the Independents, the forgotten Americans, who brought the GOP to power.  There was no interest in the election by Democrats, and enough by Republicans to assure that only about 25% of all eligible voters actually voted.  So I guess that makes apathy the big winner.

I watched the returns even though long ago I had predicted a GOP tidal wave, and was stunned when I kept hearing how state after state saw major reductions in voting by both Democrats and Republicans, but up to a 40% increase in Independent voting.

Other obvious losers were Harry Reid, the war on women nonsense, the Kill the Koch Brothers campaign, liberal media, peaceniks, big brother advocates, and Democratic National Committee leader U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, Obama's handpicked propaganda mouthpiece.

Winners were much harder to find but did include those wanting bigger and better wars, the arms industry, bankers, Wall Street, oil dudes, rich people, and the many GOP candidates for president in 2016.

One group that always wins come election time is the news media who benefited from $3 billion dollars being pumped into the political campaigns.  If congress had the guts to ban paid political commercials for everyone and made the network television, cable, and radio outlets give all candidates free commercials, very few I might add, the media would finally lose out on the big bucks but until then the newest groups of fat cats are the media.

As for the short term future, it does not matter if the Democrats and Republicans get along because in the end there is little difference between the way they govern.  We can only hope the country survives long enough for the growing Independents to throw them all out of office.

Once congress is forced to adopt an Ethics Law that actually works bureaucrats and politicians will be lined up awaiting criminal indictments.

Tax reform is needed, both personal and corporate, but trusting those to fix it that now have us $17.5 trillion in debt while the private sector and stock market have record profits seems a little counter-productive.

Maybe the key to the future is to remember the past and as the founding father of America seemed to realized, perhaps a few prayers to God might help.


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