Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Obamaville October 1 - When do the lies stop?


Today the CDC became the newest government agency to lie to the public in a long list of institutional lying the past two years alone.  When they announced the first Ebola case in the United States they said there was no chance of anyone else being exposed.  Then 12 hours later they said the patient was refused Ebola treatment the first time he went to the hospital because they didn't test for Ebola even though he told them he came from Liberia.  He was given the great American cure all, antibodies, which have no effect on Ebola, then sent home.  For the next two days everyone he encountered in Dallas, Texas was exposed to Ebola.

What does it mean to citizens of the USA?  More important, who can you believe?  Did I mention there is no cure currently available?

Of course we are also facing a nationwide epidemic of the D68 virus in children and numerous cases have mutated from a very dangerous virus to paralyzing the victims and no cure is in sight for this either. 

Then there is the MERS coronavirus virus that has spread to the USA from the Middle East and again there is no cure.  If the victim has a strong immune system they may live.  Here in the land of addictive prescription drugs, dozens of required vaccinations, and the explosion of antibiotics prescribed, to both the humans for every little cause and in the food supply through massive doses in the animal feed, we have destroyed much of our immune system thanks to our government regulation.

The biggest lie of all is that we have a good health care system.  Right now the only thing healthy about American health care is the massive wealth being accumulated by the doctors, pharmaceutical corporations, health care providers, insurance companies, health equipment manufacturers, stock holders in health care companies, and banks financing the maze of activity designed to keep you sick, not make you healthy.

To this day our government does not allow medical practices that have been in use around the world for thousands of years that prevent people from getting sick.  Why are proven Chinese health practices such as herbal treatment and acupuncture not approved for health insurance and Medicare?

Did I mention the agency scandal of the week, this time the Secret Service, forced to admit the president has been in danger more than once and if the most recent fence jumping person who made it over the fence, across the lawn, and inside the White House to the private quarters of the first family had been carrying plastic explosives instead of a knife, there might not be a White House.  Thank God an off duty officer finally tackled the intruder.

This comes on the heels of two more disclosures of failures to protect the president, which was preceded by a prostitution ring that was serving the Secret Service agents some kind of security.  Today the Secret Service director was fired or resigned depending on whose lie you care to believe.

Not to prolong the discussion, but we are also still trying to find out what really happened in the IRS scandal that also cost a director her job.

Bringing up the rear in our cavalcade of institutional lies is the National Security Agency tale of woes thanks to whistle blower Edward Snowden.  Now these lies have echoed throughout the world and seriously damaged our credibility.

And that, my friends, is all the ink I will devote to the avalanche of lies we are being spoon fed.

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