Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Meet America's Next President - Chris Christie!


Fresh off the largest win by a Republican moderate since Abraham -- Lincoln that is, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won re-election in the Democratic state with 60% of the vote.
Now I worked for New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean and he also did pretty well in the governor races.  In fact, he had the closest and largest election victories in history in 1981 and 1985 respectively.  Moderate Republicans were about to become near extinct after the reign of Kean.
In 1981 Kean, a moderate Republican, won the governor's race by the closest margin in New Jersey history, just 1,797 votes of 2.4 million cast.  By 1985 Kean won by the largest victory margin in history, getting 69.5% of the vote in a Democrat state and winning by 794,229 votes.
Kean ran the most successful "voter inclusion program" ever undertaken by a GOP candidate in the nation.  Kean's record margin included over 60% of the Black, Union and Roman Catholic votes.   Kean was a lifetime civil rights advocate and Coretta Scott King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., endorsed the governor and campaigned for him.
It was the last time a Republican got over 50% in a statewide Jersey election.
Tom Kean was a Princeton blue-blood and genuine nice person, far too nice to be president of the USA.
But Christie, well he is another story.
He went to the University of Delaware and Seton Hall law school.  Not quite Princeton but quite good schools.  He was a volunteer for one of Tom Kean's governor's races.  Then he was United States Attorney for New Jersey.
With all the mob activity and corruption in the New Jersey/New York districts not to mention the Wall Street presence, the US Attorney's handled some of the toughest cases and characters in the nation.
Christie is a rough and tumble straight talking Jersey boy with plenty of girth, grit and gristle.  It is great to see that his diet efforts are paying off as he looked more fit and feisty at the end of the campaign than he looked in years.
So far this self-proclaimed conservative with the moderate to conservative leanings has demonstrated everything necessary to become our next president and it is a rare day in America when we have a New Jersey president.  Fact is only one president, Woodrow Wilson, was a Jersey boy.
Now the eastern liberal media is terrified of the thought of Christie as president so they have started a campaign to convince Midwest and Southern Americans that a smart talking, rather large, and often bombastic dude with a Jersey accent will never be accepted by the voters in the Midwest and South who carry the national elections.
MSNBC talking heads scoff at the thought of a Republican from New Jersey being on the primary ballot in Iowa, or South Carolina.
Well guess what media mouthpieces, I'm also from the Midwest, Iowa in fact, and there is nothing in our corn and pork diet or hayseed image that says we don't recognize a leader as opposed to a politician.
After five years of Obama inertia and Congressional constipation the voters of America, Democrats, Republicans and Independents all, are sick and tired of two party domination and paralyzed politicians.
Chris Christie is a rare breed of politician who actually tells you what he thinks and does what he says he's going to do.  Imagine that!  Honesty, even if a little ruff and gruff, would be refreshing.  The ability to do things no matter how big or small is, well, revolutionary in politics.
Straight talk was a Midwestern trait long before the media hijacked the term for politicians.  And an Iowan would NEVER put the special interests of a political party before what was good for the country.
A great, big, giant lie is stretched over this great land of ours like a sinister blanket of fog.  Politicians and financial people have hidden a deep, dark secret of the vulnerability of America to succumb to the overwhelming dark cloak of Greed powering a spiraling national debt.
The Madison Avenue pursuit of the young teen and adult demographic (what I call the Fountain of Youth obsession) now expects the children of the nation to pay for the sins of their fathers and mothers TODAY, not 25 years from now when they inherit the multi-trillion dollar debt.
I say kids can't possibly be that stupid.  They know the difference between a politician who works up a head of steam and one who is lost in a fog.  Christie will never allow that fog to envelop our youth and nation and that is why he will be elected by the Midwest and Southern voters, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent.
Move over Woodrow, another Jersey boy is headed toward the top.
Say hello to your next president.

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