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GMO Part 5 - The End Game - Now What?


After four comprehensive stories of attempting to find remnants of the truth in the avalanche of information, misinformation and, well, downright lies by many special interests involved in the GMO puzzle, I have a headache.
Once again we all must face up to the ultimate question and challenge, who can we trust?  Thus we embark on a mission of improving our self-awareness of the "real" world by using our eyes and our brain.  We look at the Internet, see the television news (cable or network), or most probably if we even care about the news, we read the latest Tweets from the Tweeters.
That means we have limited our consumption of news stories to no more than 140 characters.  Only humans would have the audacity to say limit all news to two sentences.  Unless, of course, there was some kind of secret coding and the Tweet contained a lot more information we could not see, without special insight.
In times like this I rely on my mentor, shaman, guru and oracle, all rolled up into one person, Mark Twain.  Never mind the fact he died 103 years ago.  I have my reasons for trusting Mark, do you have reasons for trusting your instinct?
So Mark said it right when he observed:
“You cannot trust your eyes, if your imagination is out of focus.”
If all information for human consumption is limited to 140 characters then Moses, when he got the Ten Commandments from God, would have only gotten 1½ Commandments, we would be missing the remaining 20½.
Ah, you think you caught me, but the Ten Commandments in Christianese are 22 Commandments in Hebrewese.  In other words, the Christian version is 10 Commandments equaling 93 words and 390 characters, while the Hebrew version is 22 Commandments equaling 595 words and 2451 characters.
[That probably explains why any image of the original Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston had to be in Tweets from God because there is no way all 595 Hebrew words could have been engraved on tablets that small.]

Either way we would have lost a whole lot of the original Ten in the Tweet.

As Mark said, "if your eyes are out of focus."  You can't trust anything you see if your eyes are not focused and that includes the Internet, the government, advocacy groups and morons.

Native Americans call it "seeing through the maya, which the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines as; "In
Hinduism, a powerful force that creates the cosmic illusion that the phenomenal world is real. The word maya originally referred to the wizardry with which a god can make human beings believe in what turns out to be an illusion, and its philosophical sense is an extension of this meaning."

So if you are truly focused and see beyond the Maya that has surrounded you since you were born then we can draw some sobering conclusions and some needed steps in order to comprehend the GMO puzzle in terms of the value to mankind.
My first observation regarding the dangers of GMO consumption is why is the most talked about expose on dangers of GMO based on a study that took place in Italy?
It seems to me that Americans would be first to show health problems since we invented the whole GMO field and up to 80% of our food supply now has it since GMOs have been used in America since 1995.  Surely we should be sicker than anyone else on earth as a result.
No doubt the American government, specifically the Agriculture Department, should know more about GMOs than anyone with their extensive regulation of the drug industry through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over the past 18 years.
Either we know the health effects but are not talking about them, we don't know because we have failed to do due diligence to protect our citizens, or we have delegated the responsibility for regulation to the very industry seeking approval before the government.
In our nation's capitol the only thing that talks louder than politicians is money, the other form of capital.  Some time ago our government was hijacked by those who recognized free market capitalism and democracy were not compatible.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the most powerful family dynasty on earth, is credited with a number of quotes along the line that if you control the money, or the issuing of money, you control the government.
From his start in banking in 1757 through an international banking network he built with his sons, the private family fortune has amassed a value today some believe is as high as $24 trillion.
His son Nathan Rothschild, one of five children dispersed throughout the banking world early in the 1800's said, "Own nothing, control everything."
It seems such an attitude as the Rothschilds has finally permeated the last holdout from family control in western civilization, the United States.  Did you know the Rothschilds and all the parasites who worship them have relentlessly pursued a way to get control of the money in the United States since the birth of our nation?
Amschel Rothschild is consistently voted into the top ten most influential business people of all time by Forbes Magazine and for good reason.
In America our free market system was protected by the Constitution and was based on competing fairly without harming the general public.  Charity was a large part of our society with most aid for those in need coming from people, churches and charities the rich established.
So somewhere along the line that government of the people, by the people and for the people forgot about the path of service and giving, compassion and caring, and adopted the French attitude of Laissez-faire toward the economy.  In other words just leave the capitalists alone.
As modern times have demonstrated, when the greedy are left alone the public has suffered.  Fraud, conflicts, ethics violations and downright criminal acts became paths to feed the greed.
In the last 10 years scandals have rocked the energy, banking, home mortgage, stock market, commodities markets, health care, pharmaceutical, medical, insurance, environmental, and even sports industries.  Ironically, hardly any of the guilty parties have even been prosecuted and when corporations did pay fines it was with no admission of guilt and the fine being tax deductible as a business expense.
Billions of dollars in fines have been paid the past decade.  Nice tax deduction for a company who broke the law.  Of course the same companies funnel tens of millions of dollars into the political campaigns of our government leaders.
The real Green Machine in America is the flow of money from the public to the private sector to the pockets of the politicians and it does not matter whether they are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Environmental, or even Socialist.  Green is gold when it comes to greed.
So the current state of affairs does not look good for the public as you could see when President Obama earlier this year signed an appropriations bill approved by Congress that contained an innocuous amendment also approved by the House and the Senate stating the chemical companies involved in genetic engineering of our food supply could not be sued by the public or governments for any problems resulting from the use of GMOs.
If GMOs are so good for the world why did the industry pursue this guarantee from the government they can't be sued?
Money clearly rules in America as the GMO government protection is now at the same level as all the other industries who nearly destroyed the economy of America and the world in pursuit of their greed.
That "waiver of liability" for GMOs must be repealed.
Second there must be mandatory product labeling of GMO products.
Next government must independently test GMOs for long term health effects and long term environmental effects on humans, insects, animals and the earth.
Congress must also investigate and expose any deceptions in the pursuit of a GMO world such as:
GMOs were supposed to increase the supply of food in the world.  Why hasn't it happened in 15 years?
Were GMOs pursued by the chemical companies as a vehicle to assure the continued use of antibiotics and pesticides by transferring the poison to our food supply?
I mean, if a GMO seed is resistant to a pesticide then more pesticide can be put on the plant without harm to the seed.
In my stories I showed how 1.6 billion people still rely on local farms or their own for food in the world, mostly in the third world countries.  This is the new target for GMO sales by the chemical companies throughout the world.  Their reckless expansion should be stopped until we get the definitive results of the independent testing.
The truth is the government is the only group capable of independent testing since the entire private sector is beholden to money one way or the other.  A government lab like those of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) should be established to keep the private sector honest.
Remember, the antibiotic and pesticide market is $110 billion a year.  The GMO field is totally dominated by the owners of the antibiotic and pesticide products.
If biological research can benefit mankind it should be pursued but it must benefit far more than just corporate profits and stockholders equity.
Abraham Lincoln never let the world forget that the Civil War involved an even larger issue. This he stated most movingly in dedicating the military cemetery at Gettysburg: "that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain--that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom--and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
We, the people, must restore this principle to our government by scrutiny, oversight and action at the polls and in the courts if necessary.
GMO could very well be a lifeline to saving the 870 millions that are chronically undernourished every year or it could be a profit-ploy to line the pockets of the greedy and their politicians.
One final note for the critics of GMO activity, the United States is a leader in the sale of GMO seeds in the world but only four of the top ten chemical companies involved in GMOs are from America.  All should be put under the microscope in our search for the truth.
Often times what we don't know is far more important than what we know.  Such is the current case with GMOs.  When there is doubt or confusion about something so important that it impacts on every living human being, the insect and plant world and the earth as a whole, then we need answers before we make fatal mistakes.

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