Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The World is in Conflict - are You?


Wow, you don't have to be Einstein to know something is dreadfully wrong with the world.  Turn on the television, pick up the newspaper or connect to your favorite app and you give up your brain, heart and soul to the dark side.
Today I'm writing about what you, the readers must think when you tune in to the news and tune out of the world.  For a long time and in a lot of different ways I have been a student of trying to determine how to make people think.
Most reporters tell you how to interpret the news they report.  Anyone who thinks they are unbiased reporters are as removed from reality as their stories.  When the reporter becomes a real person through the magic of television, look out!
Suddenly the ego kicks in and they must conclude that if millions of people follow them on television, isn't it their responsibility to help those followers improve their miserable lives?
So we get a kaleidoscope of fanatics preaching their patchwork version of right or wrong as if we had any intention of doing what they told us to do.  All 1000 channels of network and cable television are tools to melt your mind.
Along come bored defense contractors in need of a new boogie man since they are running out of places to start wars and still make an exorbitant profit.  They feed us the 21st century technology in the 20th century, the virtual world of the Internet and the billions of dollars to be made.
The consuming public is seduced immediately into the digital revolution because we now have at our fingertips all the information in the world, the ability to communicate throughout the world instantly, and someone else to develop all those wonderful Apps that have eliminated our need to be educated, creative, social, et al.
Apps?  Our new generation of teachers (data miners) started out by destroying the very foundation of a culture, the language.  They undermined the credibility of society by butchering the English language.  Apps?
There is something they forgot to tell us about the speed of the Internet.  It doesn't matter how fast the digital revolution can gather and process information when the recipient of the information is us humans, and we are still stuck in Granny gear when it comes to turbo-thinking.
Now that we have apps to do virtually all our thinking, we don't need to waste time thinking, or even need to know how to think.  We've got the Internet.  And we've got it through computers, PCs, laptops, cell phones, and a million other electronic devices all racing to meet your every need before you realize what you really might need.
What a great time to be alive.  We now have a jillion gigabytes of data available at our fingertip and no where to put it.  It won't fit in our brain, I mean nothing much has changed in our brain in about 55 million years.
What in the world are you going to do with all that heretofore unavailable information when you have no capacity in your mind for new material?  That might indicate one of the celestial design faults in the human body.
We were given the ability to accumulate a whole lot of information in a lifetime.  But we were given no ability to get rid of all the useless information we learned.  The mind seemed to keep things pretty much in balance for the first 54.9 million years.
But the 20th century AD seems to have shattered the ability of the mind to keep up with the information downloads.  Yet another world-changing result of the digital revolution beginning with the computer which spewed out the virtual universe which has now consumed every inhabitant of the Earth.
We fell into the black void of the virtual metaphysical world not realizing it was really a black hole and there would be no escape from it.
As for what to do with all the information we can no longer absorb into our brain, well the Virtual gods have an answer for that as well, they just keep it for you by storing it in the same virtual cloud where you got it from in the first place.
If you really thought about it, you are spending a fortune and giving up the ability to think for yourself in exchange for being part of the virtual cloud universe.  You should be pleased to know that you have just paid for what was free, all that stuff in the air.
If all knowledge exists in the form of undetectable electrical impulses available in our dimension to those aware enough of their gifts to tune in, and I have no reason to doubt the truth of such an assessment, then we always had the ability to tune in directly if we ever tired of being spoon-fed our information.
This reservoir of knowledge that some believe is the Akashic Records, [the universal knowledge of God!] seems to float all around our universe uninhibited by such obstacles as time, space or matter.  Perhaps they were referring to the electronic maze of quarks and quacks and all that subatomic physics stuff?
The simple truth is you have been stripped of your natural rights of self determination, free will and individual freedom.  Thanks to all the apps the Virtual Gods gave you, you didn't even notice the price you paid in return.
Did you ever wonder why virtual games never seem to be hacked or stopped by a denial-of-service attack?  Maybe they are a cover for the real hackers?
On the plus side of being a victim you can always feel better knowing most of your fellow man are victims as well.  Kind of like saying, "I'm not responsible for anything I do since I gave up my mind for the apps."
When it comes to the state of conflict in the world, rest assured the barrage of virtual bad news serves a purpose to the prince of darkness.  You empower and strengthen the power of negative emotions triggering all kinds of excuses for being depressed and popping a few more of those wonderful "feel good" pills my trustworthy doctor prescribed to help me make it through the day.
Of course then I will have to pop more of those doctor prescribed pills to bring me down from feeling good so I can sleep at night.  It is such a strain to just think about the pressure and tension I face every day from my apps that I also need a prescription from my wonderful doctor to keep my blood pressure from being out of control, and maybe another prescription to keep my blood thin so I don't get blood clots.
So who says we are not into preventative treatment.  You now take four prescriptions to keep you from feeling depressed.  How preventive is that!
Perhaps you never asked if you really needed the pills in the first place.
The lesson being this.  You contribute to the awful conflict the world is facing and most of you are actually empowering the conflict by getting caught up in the passion and prejudices of the TV commentator or virtual blogger you follow.
Before you tune in you should tune out and understand you can make an even far greater contribution to the empowerment of all things good like peace, good health and love.  If most of the world is trapped in the Virtual black cloud, then those few not caught in the clouds of illusion have a far better chance of being heard.
End the conflict by ending your addiction to apps and taking back your own life.  Why not try a Random Act of Kindness?

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