Friday, July 26, 2013

Pope Francis reaches Rock Star status in Historic Brazilian Gig


1.5 million youth ignore heavy rains to rock with Pope at Copacabana beach Mass - The Man they call Papa!
The American media seems adverse to covering "feel good" stories but at least the rest of the world can learn with amazement the incredible journey Pope Francis is making to Brazil where millions of faithful are showing him how much they love his compassionate approach to leading the world to the light.

Check out the video from The Telegraph in the UK.  At least the rest of the world see the news value.
Barely a word was mentioned about the Pope's first international trip on network or cable news and that is a sad testament to the nature of stories that reach the people.  Oh our news media showed the Pope in the ghettos of Rio and tried to say the story was all about the failure of the rich to help the poor.
But the message had nothing to do with failure and everything to do with faith, and a Catholic Pope's plea to have faith in God and Jesus Christ is the last thing you will hear from a liberal media in America still intent on driving God from everything in our nation.
How sad but how typical.  The Pope is in South America pleading the cause for ALL poor and rich people, the need for faith in a higher cause, from a loving God, while in America our politicians are holding a Conference on Violent Crime in Chicago, where 226 deaths have rocked the local landscape already this year.
Pope Francis focuses attention on prayer and faith for all while American politicians focus attention on gangs and murder on the streets of our cities.  In Brazil 1.5 million youth, yes the same age as those in gangs and committing murder in America, joined the Pope on that rain driven beach in his journey to bring us closer to God.

How strange for the media to not notice such a massive movement in our Southern Hemisphere.  How odd to not cover a story that affects over 1.2 billion Catholics around the world, the largest single religious denomination in the world and in America.
When it comes to media coverage the Pope is truly a voice in the wilderness because the networks have not figured out how to make God or faith into a reality show so they can make money.
People of all faiths have a right to know there is one world leader walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to laying his life on the line for his love of all people and belief in the power of prayer and faith.
There are rare times in the history of mankind when one solitary voice can make a difference.  Pope Francis may very well be one of those people whose genuine love, compassion and empathy for giving transcend ego, power and greed for taking.
Politicians and people from Wall Street to Main Street could benefit from his example and may very well find salvation in his gentler and kinder message.

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