Monday, December 29, 2008

Election Wrap Up - Republicans & GOP Stars

The Republicans actually did quite well this election cycle as the economy, wars and lack of faith in George W. seemed to have little effect on the party results. McCain earned an astonishing 46% of the popular vote with all these problems.

Much to the chagrin of the liberal media a new star was born in Sarah Palin whose experience and battles with campaign staff will help her immeasurably in future elections. Make no mistake, Palin is a force to be reckoned with in the future.

The Palin factor left Biden out in the cold for most of the fall election, caused Obama to address the comments of a vice presidential opponent for the first time in memory and left the liberal media totally exhausted in the end, having floated every lie and innuendo they could dredge up on Sarah with little effect on her popularity.

Not only was Palin the greatest individual draw for much of her three months of campaigning, but her very presence forced many Democratic female candidates out of the woodwork knowing that Palin was now a front runner to campaign for being first female president in 2012. Thus Hillary had to take a far more visible Secretary of State position, Caroline Kennedy came out of nowhere and other prominent women are now positioning themselves in case Barack fails to heal the nation.

However, the most amazing thing I found with the election was the vast number of Republican female spokespersons who dominated the media. Never have so many quite attractive and eloquent younger women dominated news coverage for the Republicans, known much better for the conservative old men, and this bodes well for the future direction of the party.

Throughout this article you will see their photos and the women featured include Sarah Palin, Janine Turner, Laura Ingram, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Monica Crowley, Debbie Shussel, Jeri Thompson, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Judith Giuliani, Dana Perino, Sarah Evans, Kirsten Powers, Cindy McCain, Chrei Jacobus, Megyn Kelly and Martha MacCallum. You will be hearing a lot from them in the future as they rallied around women and conservative issues.

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