Friday, April 04, 2008

Coltons Point Times Catches Fire

So maybe the headline is a bit of a stretch but the truth is there has been a dramatic increase in the readers of the Coltons Point Times and we would like to thank those new readers for checking us out. Unlike most newspapers the CPT remains committed to not charging for subscriptions, not collecting names for resale to so-called marketers, and not allowing any advertising on the web site.

The driving force behind the dramatic surge in readers were stories about international finances and the presidential election with the JP Morgan Chase – Bear Stearns story “A Trillionaires Delight” leading the way. It has reached the number one most popular story on etradewire and efinancewire websites in the past 30 days and it appears on dozens of diverse sites around the world.

Tracking data indicates nearly 1,100 registered journalists have accessed stories in the Coltons Point Times the past two weeks and reprints are posted around the world. One day a Google search of JP Morgan, Bear Stearns and Trillionaire articles showed our story was in every one of the top ten Google searches.

With our readership now established at about 20 times the entire population of Coltons Point we seem to be doing something right. However, although I mentioned that we do not charge, sell mailing lists or allow advertising, we do feel justified in asking that you refer the Coltons Point Times to anyone you think may need our particular brand of enlightenment. All you have to do is tell them to check out the following web site that you can cut and paste.

It is important that the masses of humanity are exposed to the quirky and unique world of the Pointer People if there is to be any chance for the preservation of mankind. Your help in sharing our story will be most appreciated and may even help the real estate values bounce back.

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