Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Coltons Point has many odd things but the sight of the good old boys floating out in their duck blinds having yet another social gathering ranks right up there. I mean why do they feel the need to trumpet their arrival in the river with pre-dawn shotgun blasts when they could not possibly see any ducks in the dark?

Of course an hour later when it is daylight the only ducks I’ve ever seen around the floating blinds are decoys, dozens of decoys, as if they are the real prey of the hunters. I’ve stood by the museum watching the boys when a massive volley of shotgun blasts exploded and there isn’t a duck or goose in sight, just the dead decoys.

Sometimes I suspect they are just shooting at the decoys so they can tell the woman back home how close they came to bagging one. Most times one guy gets bored, blows the head off a decoy, and the rest of the gang shoot helter skelter so as not to miss one.

So I guess the only thing blind about the duck blind is the hunters perched inside out to have a good time and to make the NRA proud.

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