Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Every four years the media gets all excited about politics in as much as the TV, radio and newspapers make their biggest advertising profits from the hapless politicians who somehow feel good about paying higher ad rates than huge corporations. Of course it is necessary for the media to have conflict, drama and cliff hanging primaries if the money is to keep flowing in so here we go again.

Someone should sue the states like Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan for moving up their election dates so far that it forced the campaigns to start advertising the year before the elections. Now any way you look at it that early advertising is cruel and inhumane punishment inflicted on an unsuspecting public and many millions of dollars are spent messing with our minds.

After the first two primaries, the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary, we know the press will get in bed with anyone they think will win, the pollsters should be held liable for the worst polling since the evening weather reports, there have been so many debates no one watches them anymore if they ever did, and all the politicians have lost their voices which might be a good thing.

What have we learned? Oprah is good for winning Iowa. Romney likes winning the Silver Medal. Two people born in the same Arkansas crossroads called Hope can’t possibly both become president can they (Bill Clinton and Huckabee)? Bill Clinton needs to keep his mouth zipped shut too.

Hillary has too many male campaign advisors. Osama can captivate our youth but are they going to vote come November? Who are the other Democratic candidates besides Hillary and Barack? Where is Rudy? Okay, so Huckabee won Iowa, Osama won Iowa, McCain won New Hampshire and Hillary won New Hampshire.

Of course there were then three more primaries, one in South Carolina for the Republicans, Nevada for the Democrats and Republicans and Michigan for the Republicans. McCain proved able again in South Carolina, Romney took Nevada and Michigan, and as if things were not confused enough, Hillary took the popular vote in Nevada and Osama the delegate vote. What in the world is going on?

As we await the Democrats South Carolina primary Hillary and Osama are fighting like a couple of spoiled brats, Bill Clinton is overshadowing everyone in the race as he merrily works to knock Osama out of the race, Osama has been demonstrating that Hillary can get to him, Hillary is fighting back like a barracuda, Edwards has to jump up and down to get any attention, and we are all beginning to think the curse of the Ivy League may continue.

So what is the curse of the Ivy League? Well, just think of it this way. For the past 20 years every president of the USA attended Yale University. If Hillary gets elected that will mean at least 24 and maybe 28 straight years of presidents from Yale University. After what we have already seen can the country possibly handle such a fate? Maybe it is time we give some other school a chance. On a personal note, way back when I turned down going to Yale and went to the University of Arizona instead. Had I gone to Yale I would have been a classmate with George, Jr., Bill and Hillary.

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