Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Condor regular visitor to man who saved him - Another Act of Human Kindness


A Man Saved a Condor Years Ago and the Bird Still Flies Back to Say Thanks! (VIDEO)

This video may very well be the most unique and sweetest bonding ever seen between a human and a wild bird! This is not just any bird though, it’s a massive condor! When this condor fell from his nest as a baby, the man in the video saved his life and nursed him back to health until he could take to the skies once again.
In the video, this condor literally appears to be cuddling his friend like a dog. He is quite obviously ecstatic to see his rescuer again and frequently flies back for a reunion.
According to Animal Fact Guide, a condor’s wingspan can reach three meters (or 10 feet) long with the California Condor being the largest flying bird in North America.
It is not unusual for wild animals to form a special bond with their rescuers and it has been seen time and time again, even after years have passed, that they still remember and even visit their guardian angels. This goes to show the human and animal bond is strong and should never be taken for granted.

Although this video is very sweet, we do not recommend interacting with a wild animal unless you are a professional rehabilitator or have been given instructions from a professional. If you ever come across an injured animal who needs help, check out these animal rescue hotlines. 

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