Friday, June 26, 2015

Supreme Court does what our elected officials cannot do - Stop the cycle of hate and polarization in America


Thank God for our Constitution and the foresight of our Founding Fathers

Two sweeping decisions by the United State Supreme Court this week may do more to heal the hatred and polarization in America than any action by our elected officials.  With the final rulings by the Supreme Court announced this week, the door is open to a far more peaceful and compassionate United States in the days to come.

By ruling that Americans receiving Obamacare subsidies are protected by our Constitution, and following that up with recognizing that Gays and their right to marriage are protected by the Constitution, the genius of our Founding Fathers once again has withstood the test of time.

The US Constitution was adopted by convention of States on September 17, 1787; and the ratification process was completed, on June 21, 1788.  Nearly 227 years to the day since our Constitution was ratified America proved again to the world that our Founding Fathers envisioned a far more perfect union than the one we started out with and then put in motion laws that would protect us centuries later.

Two of the most incendiary issues of our time have polarized America for most of the past decade and resulted in total stagnation in our federal government.  Health care and Gay rights have been the lightning rod issues of the past few campaigns in terms of social issues and in terms of government responsibilities.

However, after several election cycles it was becoming clear that our federally elected officials did not have the ability to solve them on behalf of the people, and the consequence was a failure of the federal government to solve other unrelated issues in need of immediate resolution.

As debate drug out on both issues, the government ignored many other key concerns like war strategy, terrorism, budgets, infrastructure, fixing health care, cleaning up the banking and finance community, and many others.

Since our elected officials took an oath to uphold the Constitution, now is the time to start doing it.  The Obama health care reform program is not going to go away.  Yes it has flaws, but tell us how you are going to fix it, not just destroy it because it is protected by the Constitution.

The same is true with the Gay ruling on marriage.  Stop trying to deny people Constitutional protection and uphold your oath and the Constitution.  It is a travesty, our elected officials could not sit down and work things out between them, but it is times like this when our Founding Fathers expected politics and politicians to be a roadblock and gave us a Supreme Court to decide on the Constitutionality of issues.

The last time I checked, once elected to the House, Senate, and Presidency, our elected officials are obligated to serve all the people, not just the ones agreeing with them.  We forgot that in the heat of the never-ending political polarization of the Bush and Obama years.

Now responsible leaders and all those candidates for the presidency need to step back, take note of the Constitutional safeguards in place, and start working together to solve our problems rather than be our problems.

Perhaps we should all listen to the words of Jesus Christ in this matter.

King James Bible - Matthew 22:21
They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.

Well it is clear that the marriage license from the government is Caesar's and all citizens still have the right to marry in their church where the rules may be different, so how about we drop the screaming and respect all our rights and everyone's rights under the Constitution.

When will the people who care for everyone, respect everyone's rights, and show compassion and empathy for all get a chance to lead us.  It seems we have lost sight of everything America stands for and we need to get over it.

Over 200 years ago, a whole lot of people risked their lives, their fortunes, and their families to take on the greatest empire in the world and fight for freedom.  They won and we are the beneficiaries.  You know, the Constitutional Bill of Rights should have been named the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities because we must do our part to guarantee the freedom of all people in America, not just those with whom we agree.

As for the candidates running for the presidency, instead of tearing down all that is why not tell us how they intend to fix things.  America is a melting pot, the only nation on Earth where 99% of the people are not from America but are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.

We represent all cultures, all people, all races, and all religions and guarantee freedom and equality to all who respect the rights, freedoms, and equality of all others.  It was 239 years ago when the citizens of the American colonies said a new nation and new form of government were required to protect all the people.

We should honor those people, our Founding Fathers, whose foresight is living proof that such an idealistic and unique nation can exist.  Following are the names of those colonists who risked everything for us by signing the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

US Constitution

1. William Samuel Johnson
2. Roger Sherman

3. George Read
4. Gunning Bedford Jr.
5. John Dickinson
6. Richard Bassett
7. Jacob Broom

8. William Few
9. Abraham Baldwin

10. James McHenry
11. Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer
12. Daniel Carroll

13. Nathaniel Gorham
14. Rufus King

New Hampshire
15. John Langdon
16. Nicholas Gilman

New Jersey
17. William Livingston
18. David Brearley
19. William Paterson
20. Jonathan Dayton

New York
21. Alexander Hamilton

North Carolina
22. William Blount
23. Richard Dobbs Spaight
24. Hugh Williamson

25. Benjamin Franklin
26. Thomas Mifflin
27. Robert Morris
28. George Clymer
29. Thomas FitzSimons
30. Jared Ingersoll
31. James Wilson
32. Gouverneur Morris

South Carolina
33. John Rutledge
34. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
35. Pierce Butler

36. George Washington (President and deputy)
37. John Blair
38. James Madison, Jr.

Declaration of Independence

Five delegates were absent:
Generals George Washington
John Sullivan
James Clinton
Christopher Gadsden
Virginia Governor Patrick Henry.

1. John Hancock (Massachusetts)


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