Monday, May 04, 2015

Over half of Coltons Point Times (CPT) readers from outside USA


Although we do not allow advertising nor keep records of our individual readers we do compile statistics on where our readers come from and over half are from outside the United States.

We have readers from 75 to 110 countries each month and I want to thank you all for taking the time to share your day with us.

I would encourage you to comment if you like and I would like any suggestions you may have for articles.

The following are the top ten countries for readers this month.  Seven of the top ten are not English speaking countries.

Feel free to tell your friends if you like what you read.

CPT Top Ten Countries for Readers

1. United States

Welcome my loyal friends from the United States where 98% of the people are not Native American ancestry - in other words, whatever we do is your fault not ours.

2. Ukraine

Welcome my friends from the Ukraine the geographic center of Europe.

Laskavo prosymo druzi z Ukrayiny heohrafichnyy tsentr Yevropy.

3. Ireland

Welcome my friends from the magical Emerald Isle of Ireland.

Fáilte mo chairde ón draíochta Emerald Isle na hÉireann.

4. United Kingdom

Welcome my friends from the United Kingdom where they drink more tea than any other country in the world.

5. China

Welcome my friends from China where philosophy and ice cream began.

Huānyíng péngyǒumen láizì zhōngguó, zhéxué hé bīngqílín kāishǐ.

6. Germany

Welcome my friends from Germany where there are over 1,500 different brands and types of beer.

Willkommen meine Freunde aus Deutschland , wo es mehr als 1.500 verschiedene Marken und Biersorten.

7. France

Welcome my friends from France where there is only one stop sign in the entire French city of Paris.

Bienvenue mes amis de la France, où il ya un seul panneau d'arrêt dans toute la ville française de Paris.

8. Italy

Welcome my friends from Italy home to sixty percent of the world's art treasurers.

Benvenuti amici provenienti da Italia patria di sessanta per cento dei tesori d'arte del mondo. 

 9. Turkey

Welcome my friends from the cradle of civilization in Turkey.

Arkadaşlarım , Türkiye'de medeniyetin beşiği itibaren hoşgeldiniz.

10. Bulgaria

Welcome my friends from Bulgaria where Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe.

Dobre doshli moite priyateli ot Bŭlgariya, kŭdeto Sofiya e vtorata naĭ-stariyat grad v Evropa.


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