Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Joshua Chronicles now on Amazon


I am pleased to announce The Joshua Chronicles is now available on Amazon digital books.  This is the 20th anniversary since I wrote the first edition.

It can be accessed at

Here is a brief synopsis of the book.


By Jim Putnam


The Joshua Chronicles is a supernatural thriller that tells the story of an obscure soul in modern day New Jersey, JOHN McCORMICK, upon whose broad shoulders rests the salvation of humankind, a destiny he could not know nor desire.  A mysterious, middle aged man with no past, amnesia has wiped it out, he needs professional help.

When he seeks out JORDAN SAWYER, a prominent, successful and beautiful psychologist for help in unlocking his past, she encounters many psychological roadblocks and finally has to resort to the experimental recovered memory syndrome technique to peel away the barriers.

What she discovers is the memory of Joshua and a 2,000 year odyssey to protect the most valuable papers in the history of civilization, papers secured in an ancient lock box, from being destroyed by the evil PRINCE OF DARKNESS, the second most powerful force in all of creation.

Action delves into the mysterious world of the secret society of the Knights Templar from their founding in the flames of Jerusalem during the early Crusades, to their self-destruction in the 14th century.  Kings and popes feared this mighty organization and by the time of their annihilation they were the most powerful political force in the civilized world.

An inter-dimensional war of good versus evil in the eternity of the void between dimensions rages unseen until Jordan finds the keys to McCormick’s past.  Suddenly the healer has opened a supernatural gateway and unleashed the force of the Prince of Darkness into this dimension for the culmination of an epic battle between light and dark, between good and evil.  Jordan has triggered a final confrontation to determine who will rule mankind in the coming new cycle of civilization.

Will the truth prevail and whose truth?  To this mystical battleground come the unlikely and unwitting warriors, Jordan Sawyer and John McCormick.  With no agenda and no beliefs, Jordan finds herself being drawn into a world that simply cannot exist.

Determined not to get lost in McCormick’s madness, nor to abandon her responsibility to her patient, she intends to prove he is the victim of fictitious memories and reluctantly agrees to accompany him to a small village in France, the last known location for the lock box hidden by Joshua.  That was 600 years ago.

The second part of the story centers on the Village of Provins, France and the search for truth by Jordan and John.  Along the way they enlist the help of a rotund monk, two surviving members of the ancient Knights Templar, and a relic of a doorkeeper, as they descend into a labyrinth of secret passages in search of the lock box.  A cataclysmic encounter with the Prince of Darkness takes place and miraculously they survive to recover the treasured lock box.

The third part of the story concerns the nature of the secret papers.  There are two sets of parchments.  One is a personal account of a scribe to Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua, who befriended Jesus when they were children and kept a journal of the life of Jesus.  The second set of parchments contained the teachings of Jesus, written as he stated them.   No record of his teachings exist from when he walked the Earth, only much later accounts of his life as told through his disciples and others.  This is the definitive truth of what he meant to say.

McCormick and Jordan are to reveal these parchments and their secrets to a cynical and skeptical world.  The truth contained in the papers threatens some of the most powerful institutions and religions in the world.  Again the tentacles of the Prince of Darkness reach across dimensions to stop Joshua one last time.

With a strategy as cunning and deceptive as those of their adversary the Prince, McCormick and Jordan move to counter the threat.  From the ancient civilization of the Templar to the offices of modern boardrooms, the Prince of Darkness uses the tools of society to wreak havoc and fear.  McCormick, with Jordan’s help, must beat the Prince at his own game to fulfill his destiny.  He was chosen, before time began, for this mission.

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