Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Crucifixion of Chris Christie


Once upon a time a bunch of political partisans, special interests, defenders of the faith and powerful interests got together to decide what was in the best interest of the people without bothering to ask the people what they thought or wanted.
The media at the time did their best through the use of lies, deception, deceit and demagoguery to undermine the credibility of someone who just wanted to help the people and teach them the power of love.  So the media whipped up a frenzy in the people to destroy this person.
Unfortunately, for the hordes of special interests calling for his destruction, their success in winning public support was fleeting and the malicious and deceptive facade was exposed and crumbled before nightfall of the Crucifixion.
And then came the Resurrection - reinforcing that the people, not the media, not the radical special interests or the crooked politicians who tried to control the people's minds and will through corrupt government, financial institutions and a disregard for the truth, that the people would overcome.
This was proven by the test of time as billions of people today embrace the teaching of the lonely voice in the wilderness crucified over 2,000 years ago.
When the intent of the Crucifiers is to mislead, control or subvert the will of the people, they are destined to fail.
So what does this have to do with Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey?
First, before you get carried away with theological challenges and heretical demands from the Inquisition era to burn me at the stake, let me make it clear I am talking about a comparison of the act of crucifying, not the actual victim of the crucifixion.
I am talking about the highly visible and obvious attempts by some very special interests to destroy Chris Christie by using every obscure incident that comes along to smear him in the media.
The Ft. Lee bridge lane closure was a trigger that brought out the worst in our politicians, news media, radical left wing, radical right wing and presidential hopefuls in an attempt to destroy Christie's credibility with the people across America.
Why might that be?
Think about it.  Professional politicians and the political campaign machines behind them have effectively neutralized the voice of "We the people".  It has been accomplished through years of manipulation and collusion between the political demons and money changers, those who profit from the business of government or the subversion of government regulations.
As Obama has proven it no longer matters right now if our political leaders are a Democrat or Republican, they are all puppets and the puppet masters pulling the strings control the financial institutions of Wall Street and corporate America.  Main Street and rural America simply have no chance as long as the status quo remains.
Christie is an outsider, demonstrating over and over that he is not a professional politician under the control of the puppet masters, while his popularity in New Jersey and now throughout the nation have grown.
Like 2000 years ago, the political corruption and moral morass of the system is suddenly threatened by this brash outsider with no strings attached.  The most dangerous threat to the puppet masters is that of a populist movement to expose them and their practices.
Populist movements require a person to personify the nature, character and ethics of the movement.  For example, one third of all Americans reject the control of the two-party system and signed up as Independents.  The number grows every election cycle.
This huge block of people is leaderless and thus will remain disenfranchised until they get a standard bearer for their movement to rid our nation of the strangling control of the puppet masters.
Chris Christie is an outsider.  Look at the people who attacked him before they even knew the truth about the Ft. Lee situation, so desperate are they to derail his success at uniting people.  For Christie can unite the disenfranchised Democrats and Republicans with the Independents, as many polls have shown.
Supporters of Hillary Clinton and numerous other potential presidential candidates have led the charges against Christie along with their supporters in the news media.  Hard-line leftist liberals and radical, right wing conservatives have joined in the hatchet job.
Then there are the New Jersey politicians, the good old boys, from the high profile aspirants to the unknown, from potential candidates for governor to state senators.  Finally, there are the mayors, so many egos furious that Christie had become the darling of the media and not them.
I lived in New Jersey longer than anywhere I lived in my life.  Working for Governor Tom Kean I spent 8 years travelling every nook and cranny in Jersey and came to respect and appreciate the incredible diversity of the people, the strength of their convictions and their tolerance for other people's opinions.
Corruption has been prevalent for a long time in Jersey from the political corruption resulting from too many government entities to the Atlantic City casino and mob influence to the New York and Philadelphia La Casa Nostra.
Every year more and more corrupt officials are caught and more federal cases have greatly reduced the influence of organized crime in the state.  When he was US Attorney for New Jersey Chris Christie successfully prosecuted 130 corruption cases.
Any mayor in New Jersey who whimpers and wines about the rough and tumble politics of the Garden State needs to find a new garden to play in because they are oblivious to reality.  Of course it is rough and tough because that is what it takes to defy a culture of corruption and survive the temptations of office.
But tough politics is not corruption.
The greatest danger to those attempting to crucify Christie for something he denies doing is not that they fail to derail his place in the hearts of New Jersey and national voters, it is that the people will see through the political smoke screens and fog banks to the truth and that his resurrection will make him far stronger than the person he was before.
Ironic, isn't it, that the crucifiers might trigger a resurrection that destroys everything they are trying to protect.  People, people of all political persuasions who still possess the view that politics should be ethical, free of partisan control and built on integrity share a common ideal that transcends partisan politics.
New Jersey voters know the meaning of fair play and have no interest in letting the news media or outsiders tell them what is good for the State of New Jersey.  They know the value of a Chris Christie with no strings attached compared to the multitude of pampered, pandering political hypocrites and their puppet masters claiming to have the best interests of the people at heart.
Will the resurrection allow the rest of America to share in this dream with New Jersey people and trigger a populist revolution throughout our nation that will sweep into national office a new breed of people's politician and restore "We the people" to our Constitution?
Will the strings of the puppet masters be severed once and for all?
Stay tuned...
p.s.  I was raised in Iowa and can tell you straight shooting Chris Christie will be a breath of fresh air to the normally polluted presidential primaries of the Hawkeye State.

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