Sunday, September 30, 2012

Note from the Publisher:


There are over 960 articles published in the Coltons Point Times that are archived and accessible to you through the years and months displayed in the index.  They represent a pretty fair representation of the way things still are today.

Another index of some of the most popular articles appears just above my publisher photo on the left.  Just click and it gives you choices.

A lot of interesting things are covered and a lot of ideas have been presented in the CPT on our problems and how to fix them.  With so little progress being made toward this by our politicians, however, the articles will be timely for some time to come.

Many articles attempt to clarify the truth in what we are being fed by the media since so much of the media no longer consider truth and objectivity to be viable and these articles are also worth perusing.

However, I am taking my own advice when I said earlier the most important thing we can do between now and the presidential election was to turn off television and stop listening or reading the news until it was over.  I did quit writing articles.

As of today we have seven weeks until the election and thirteen weeks until the End of Time according to the Mayan calendar.  What a contrast?  Seven like the seven sacred days of creation, or the light.  Or thirteen like the superstitious and foreboding number of the dark.

Through it all I will continue to ignore the nonsense and silliness of politicians and their election campaigns.

Instead I am going to tell you about my newest book that is a work in progress in hopes it gives you something new to consider while distracting you from the lies and deception in everyday life which none of us needs.

By the way, don't bother trying to buy it yet because I can't finish it until we survive the End Times in 13 weeks.

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